Ukrainian beauties: top 6 bridges of our homeland

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The most beautiful bridges in Ukraine

In the past, stone crossings were considered the main part of transportation routes. They were built to swiftly transport necessary cargo to the destination, with no other purpose in mind. No one prioritized the beauty of the structure. Primarily, they were constructed to be robust giants capable of withstanding titanic loads. However, over time, everything changed, and these "workhorses" transformed into some of the most visited tourist locations.

Read below to discover where to find them.

The Old Austrian Bridge

In the village of Vorokhta in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, the longest viaduct in Europe rises above a deep abyss. Nowadays, its purpose is to welcome tourists and serve as a picturesque backdrop for photographs, as every traveler desires a snapshot near it.

But even before 2000, it served a fully functional role, allowing railroad trains carrying multi-ton cargo to pass through.

This crossing was constructed during the reign of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was opened in 1895. Its construction involved not only hired laborers but also local residents and captured Italian soldiers.

Ukrainian beauties: top 6 bridges of our homeland

Havana Bridge

This handsome bridge is located in Kyiv. It was constructed to alleviate traffic between Obolon, Troyeshchyna, Vyhurivshchyna, and the city center. Initially, there were plans to make it a drawbridge, but the designers never decided to take this step.

Six support columns sustain the bridge above the water. Currently, it accommodates two-way traffic, but the road lanes were opened in different years. The first lane was from Naberezho-Khreshchatytska Street, and the others followed.

The Artprychal gallery is situated beneath the bridge. It showcases works by various artists, and the walls of the exhibition hall are adorned with ultra-modern graffiti.

Ukrainian beauties: top 6 bridges of our homeland

Ingul Bridge

The most significant drawbridge in the country is located in Mykolaiv. Until a certain period, it even held the top position among similar European structures in terms of size. However, later it was surpassed by a structure in Rotterdam. Despite this fact, Ukrainians have not stopped admiring it.

Moreover, it was not constructed to break world records. Since the city is a port city with constant ship traffic, building a conventional bridge with columns was not feasible. In such a case, most ships would be unable to reach the endpoint.

Today, the ferry continues to operate. However, we do not recommend going to Mykolaiv to see it. Air raid sirens sound here every day, and explosions are quite frequent. Therefore, it's better to postpone your trip. But if you are already here, you should definitely visit the bridge.

Ukrainian beauties: top 6 bridges of our homeland

Plebanivskyi Viaduct

We've already talked about this impressive structure, but it would be a shame not to mention it again. It was built more than 120 years ago and is still in use for its intended purpose. This is what happens when architects take construction seriously.

When designing it, the architects considered many nuances, from seismic belts to gusts of wind. It seems that the giant is simply indestructible. Just like a century ago, it is not afraid of any multi-ton cargo. And this is very reassuring.

By the way, this bridge is often compared to the viaduct that appeared in the Harry Potter films. Unfortunately, access to the bridge is currently closed, so you can only admire it from a distance.

Pedestrian Bridge in Uzhhorod

There are many pedestrian crossings in Ukraine where cars are not allowed. But this one is special. It spans the swift Uzh River, connecting two embankments - Nezalezhna and Studentska, as well as the old part of the city with the new one.

There is a belief that a person who crosses the bridge for the first time should make a wish. You can make the craziest one. Uzhhorod residents assure us that it will definitely come true; you just have to believe in it.


Ukrainian beauties: top 6 bridges of our homeland

Mother-in-law's bridge

This beautiful bridge is located in the capital of humor, Odesa. It is the tallest and narrowest in the city, and it was given such an original name for a reason.

Built over a ravine in the 1960s, the initiative to construct it came from a respected individual who wanted a quicker route to his mother-in-law's house. The philanthropist had an excellent relationship with his wife's mother. To make the journey to her house less time-consuming, the man decided to take drastic action - building a bridge. And why not, if he had enough money?

Currently, Odesa, like Mykolaiv, is under fire. So, it's not worth putting yourself in danger. You will still have time to see this handsome structure.

Ukrainian beauties: top 6 bridges of our homeland

When traveling around Ukraine, be sure to visit these locations. We are sure you will like them.

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