Traveling through Roksolana's homeland: what to see in Rohatyn

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Rohatyn: interesting places

Everyone knows the wife of the Turkish Sultan Suleiman. She is celebrated in books, music, art, and movies. She is one of the most famous women in ancient and modern Ukraine. And we believe that her hometown, Rohatyn, deserves the attention of tourists.

Let's explore the area where Anastasia Lisovska was born and raised together.

Interesting facts

The town was first mentioned in chronicles in 1184. At that time, the settlement was part of the Galicia-Volyn principality ruled by Yaroslav Osmomysl. The village got its unusual name after an incident. It is said that while hunting in the surrounding forests, the prince's wife got lost. A horned deer helped her find the right way. Hence the name Rohatyn.

There is another legend. In Sanskrit, "Rohat" means "sunrise". According to the legend, it is here that the first rays appear. And this version should not be dismissed because there is some truth in it.

But the options for the origin of the name do not end there. There is also another story on the Internet: Prince Roh built a village on his own, and later fenced it in with a fence. That's how it turned out: Roha-tyn.

But besides interesting legends, the town has many attractions. Every tourist should definitely explore them. By the way, the location is not far from Ivano-Frankivsk, just 61 kilometers away. So it is not difficult to get there. Read below to find out what to see here.

Traveling through Roksolana's homeland: what to see in Rohatyn

Central Square

Formerly Market Square, now Roksolana Square. The square is really huge. Once upon a time, fairs were organized here that were not inferior to those in Lviv. There was also a market here. Not only food but also various goods were sold at the stalls. Merchants were protected from rain and bad weather by wooden sheds.

The square has a rectangular shape. Each of its corners faces different directions: north, south, east, and west. On the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the city, a full-length monument to Roksolana was erected in the very center. The monument was made of granite and placed on a figured pedestal. The foot was decorated with bronze birds in flight.

There are two other locations on the site that are worth visiting. These are the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas Church.

Traveling through Roksolana's homeland: what to see in Rohatyn

Opillia Museum of History and Local Lore

The museum was opened relatively recently, in 2018. The exposition of the exhibition hall is dedicated to the history of the region: from the Paleolithic period to the present day. Unique finds are collected here. Among them are artifacts of Noah's culture, buckles from the Early Iron Age, a collection of fibules, rings, and weapons. There are also traditional Opole clothes, postcards by Petro Levytskyi, drawings and personal documents of the architect Roman Hrytsai. And much, much more.

By the way, some people mistakenly believe that Rohatyn is in Prykarpattia. But this is a misconception. The city is part of the Opillia ethnographic region. So don't get confused.

Traveling through Roksolana's homeland: what to see in Rohatyn

Church of the Holy Spirit

It is the most valuable and outstanding local building. The wooden shrine was built in 1598. Initially, it had a different shape, but after the nineteenth century it did not change its appearance at all. It was during this period that a bell tower was added to the church. It looks harmonious, as if it was originally intended.

The church was built without a single nail, and according to experts, the age of the wood dates back to 1480. Inside, there is a five-tiered iconostasis, atypical for the time. It was built a little later. Around 1650.

Locals say that Anastasia Lisovska came here to pray because it was here that her father, Father Havrylo, served. We don't know if this is true or not. But we are sure of another fact: the church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Traveling through Roksolana's homeland: what to see in Rohatyn

Museum of Art and Local Lore

Another exhibition hall worth visiting. The location is located in the estate of the famous Ukrainian figure Mykola Uhryn-Bezhryshnyi. There is a separate exhibition dedicated to Roksolana. In particular, there are reproductions of the life figures of the famous countrywoman and her husband, as well as a model of medieval Rohatyn.

Devil's Mountain

A botanical landmark that appeared here during the Ice Age. It is located a few kilometers from the city. It is a natural center of meadow-steppe vegetation, so rare flora grows here. Some of them are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

On the top of the mountain there are the remains of a sacred settlement: pits and depressions from buildings, a temple, and a symbolic rampart with an inner moat.

Traveling through Roksolana's homeland: what to see in Rohatyn

Shukhevych's headquarters

Located 15 kilometers from Rohatyn, in the village of Kniahynychi. From November 1946 to September 1947, the UPA general lived in the house. Later it was turned into a museum. Experts tried to recreate the life and appearance of Roman Osypovych's house in detail.

They hung towels, portraits, and church images on the walls. The tables were covered with tablecloths. They also found his personal typewriter and sewing machine. By the way, there is a secret passage that leads to the basement. You can also look into it.

The birthplace of Roksolana is a real treasure among Ukrainian regions. Do not ignore it but visit it on occasion.

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