Traveling alone: rules, tips and life hacks

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Tips for solo travelers

Do you follow stereotypes and the idea that there is "no company" to go to the movies, do hobbies, or travel? Or do you want to choose a different path to be happy? Traveling alone has its own romance. It's the perfect time to listen to yourself, not to be distracted by conversations, and to fully enjoy the beauty of our world.

However, to go somewhere without friends or a travel group, you need to prepare. And we'll tell you how!

There must be a plan

Surprises, adventures, obstacles: all of this is cool in movies. But not when you're alone in a foreign country. So plan your trip at home and calculate every step. Read about the area where you are going and about dangerous areas of the city that you should avoid. Be sure to save the address of the hotel where you are going to stay on your smartphone. If you get lost, you can find the place by naming the street to the taxi driver or asking a local for directions.

Where do you want to go? Where do you want to eat tasty and inexpensive food? How and with whom will you keep in touch in case of force majeure? Decide on this right away.

Traveling alone: rules, tips and life hacks


To help your family and you worry less, we recommend that you set it up right away and always stay within reach. Do this before you leave and deposit enough money into your account. In case you forget or something goes wrong, buy a local card as soon as you arrive and choose a plan with mobile Internet and international calls. You can usually do this at the airport.

Documents and money

Check that you have brought all of them: this is the basics. Make several copies. Carry one with you along with the original, leave the other in a safe, and download the third on your phone. We don't think we need to remind you that the sheets should be protected from water and theft. Keep them in a secret pocket, just like banknotes. By the way, don't take a lot of cash with you on a walk. Prepare a supply of small bills, put them in different compartments of your backpack or bag, and always have a certain balance in your bank account instead.

Traveling alone: rules, tips and life hacks


Packing a bunch of things will be the biggest mistake. First of all, it is very inconvenient. There will be no one to help you with your suitcases, and relying on strangers to help you is not a very reliable option. Even if you have a ticket for a direct flight, it is better to travel with one backpack. Have everything you need with you: water, snacks, antiseptic, medicines, a map, etc. The lighter your suitcase is, the easier it will be to travel with it.


It is safer and more comfortable to look for accommodation not on the outskirts but closer to the center and attractions. Yes, it may be more expensive. However, these locations are usually safer and more suitable for tourists with lots of signage, tours, coffee shops, and free Wi-Fi. In addition, they are more carefully guarded by the police, which reduces the chances of running into thieves.

Traveling alone: rules, tips and life hacks

Foreign language

The myth that traveling without perfect knowledge of English is impossible has long been busted. However, it is better to learn the basic words and phrases. Write them down in a notebook or in notes on your phone. Download an offline translator too because you might have to communicate with someone who is even less fluent than you.


Some tourists like to relax with a drink. Experienced people advise: look for pubs that are as far away from the touristy ones as possible. In addition, you can make very interesting acquaintances with locals who will tell you a lot of interesting things about the city. But you shouldn't overdo it either. Friendship is good but don't leave your glass unattended and don't give your personal information to the first person you meet.

Traveling alone: rules, tips and life hacks


Avoid disputes with locals. Back at home, read up on what scams are popular in the country and call the police if you find yourself in trouble. If you accidentally find yourself in the middle of a fight, try to get out of there as soon as possible.

Experienced solo travelers advise avoiding slums. Not every poor person is a robber but the risk of being robbed increases. It is safer to go to the local provinces where all the residents know each other. They meet tourists with smiles and share stories of their lives.


An important thing abroad. You can take out an annual policy for up to 90 days in advance. If the trip is spontaneous, the document is already ready. In general, we don't recommend ignoring this point because we never know what can happen while traveling. And if you have to go to the doctor, the visit will cost a lot of money.

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