Top resorts of Mexico if you want to enjoy summer in winter

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The best resorts in Mexico

Real winter has just come to Ukraine, so warm days are still a long way off. If you can't stand these gray and gloomy landscapes outside your window any longer, we recommend planning a trip to sunny lands. Mexico is very popular during this period.

Continue reading to find out which Mexican resorts deserve your attention!


The most popular destination among tourists. This is a real paradise where you can sunbathe on the waterfront during the day and enjoy fun parties in the evening. Here you will find incredible clean white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and quiet lagoons. If you wish, you can go diving, surfing, yachting, or take a tour of the coast.

During the period when the sun is very hot, we recommend that you do not risk your health. However, you still should get acquainted with the historical sights of the region instead. This way, you can get a safe tan and see the most visited tourist locations.

The first place every traveler should visit is the ancient settlement of Chichen Itza. It was once the center of the Mayan civilization. Over time, many of the beautiful buildings of the people we know were destroyed. However, some of them managed to survive to this day. Nowadays, you can admire the surviving Kukulkan pyramid or sail to the Isla Mujeres. To make the trip as informative as possible, it is better to book an excursion. The guide will take you to the most important attractions.

If you want to immerse yourself in Mexican culture, then be sure to head to Merida, which attracts travelers with its colonial architecture. There are many authentic restaurants and establishments here that allow you to taste the real national cuisine. The recipes are kept behind seven locks.

Top resorts of Mexico if you want to enjoy summer in winter


You have already visited Cancun? Then head to another equally popular city. This resort is deservedly considered the night capital of Mexico. Life begins to thrive here after sunset. It's a real Vegas at night. As soon as it gets dark, casinos, clubs, and bars open.

For those who like active leisure and water sports, we recommend visiting the Playa La Condesa. Here you can learn windsurfing, water skiing, or rent a yacht for a walk along the coast. If you only want to sunbathe and slowly sip cocktails through a straw, it is better to choose the beaches of Revolcadero or Caleton.

Those who try to learn as much as possible about the history of the region on every trip should definitely visit the San Diego Fortress, the Cathedral, and Las Brisas Castle. It's best to start exploring the underwater world with a trip on a glass-bottomed boat. Such a boat runs to the island of Roqueta. Be sure to book such an excursion.

Top resorts of Mexico if you want to enjoy summer in winter

Riviera Maya

Another popular resort that should not be avoided by tourists. It harmoniously combines two types of recreation: calm and active. Here, as in Cancun, there are many sights left by Indian tribes and Aztecs. And at the same time, nature has rewarded the area with white sands, calm lagoons, and beautiful landscapes.

This is the land of legends and myths. It is a mixture of a romantic journey and adventures that await in the wilds of the flora. Do you want to go diving? It is here! Do you want to soak up the sun? No one forbids it! Do you dream of turning into an archaeologist for a moment? No problem! Go to Palenque or Valladolid. If you need to plunge into the world of adventure, head to Ek Balam, which is famous for its cycling routes.

We also recommend a trip to Xcaret, the most famous ecological park where you can swim in an underground river, visit a turtle farm, a butterfly center, and an aquarium museum.

Top resorts of Mexico if you want to enjoy summer in winter

Cabo San Lucas

This is a relatively young resort focused on active recreation. Divers love this place because scuba diving is well-developed here. You can dive on your own or sign up for a submarine tour. You can also take a yacht ride to admire the blue surface and book a water parachute ride to see all the scenery from a bird's eye view.

Sport fishing competitions are also held here. The waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez are home to a wide variety of marine life. Among them are tuna, golden mackerel, marlin, etc.

Top resorts of Mexico if you want to enjoy summer in winter


Although the coastline of this island occupies only 3% of the area, tourists here have no worse time than in large resorts. Most of the territory of Cozumel is reserved for the National Park, where you should go in the first days of your vacation. We recommend exploring the jungle by hiking, but if you are not a fan of long hikes, it is better to buy a ticket for sightseeing transport.

Visit San Miguel, namely its cultural center, where there are many exhibitions dedicated to the Maya Indians. There are also collections of geological exhibits, archaeological artifacts and natural science finds.

It's worth noting that those who enjoy a classic beach vacation may feel uncomfortable here. After all, almost all embankments are rocky. There are no sandy corners for privacy and only a few equipped lounge areas where you can relax for a small fee.

Top resorts of Mexico if you want to enjoy summer in winter

Mexico is a wonderful country that welcomes tourists at any time of the year. However, the best time for vacations is from January to April. So don't put off your trip for later. Buy tickets now and enjoy your vacation.

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