This simple daily action in the kitchen will make cleaning much easier: a tip that will come in handy for everyone

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Experts recommend making sweeping an element of the evening routine. Source: Created with the help of AI

Kitchen is the most used area in the house. On the one hand, this leads to the fact that we clean it much more often than, say, a bedroom. On the other hand, routine daily actions to keep the kitchen space clean become more important.

Cleaning experts name one action that will help keep the kitchen in perfect condition. As OBOZ.UA found out, it is dry cleanin, namely sweeping.

Why it is important to sweep the kitchen

It depends on how clean the kitchen floor is that will determine whether pests such as cockroaches or ants will be in the house. If you don't clean up on time, they won't have to climb to high surfaces in search of food. Tasty crumbs will be waiting for them right on the floor. This is especially true for private homes, where such insects come directly from the street.

In addition, timely dry cleaning helps to keep the floor clean between washes. Crumbs are not trampled into the coating, so wet maintenance will be easier and faster.

When is the best time to sweep the kitchen

Experts say that sweeping should be the final step in the evening cleaning routine. Start by washing the dishes, then wipe the countertops, and finally take care of the floor. Doing this in the evening is also important because insect pests are often nocturnal. This is especially true for cockroaches. While you are resting, they will be inspecting your kitchen for food. And it will be much more difficult for them to find food in a cleaned room.

How to train yourself to sweep the kitchen

The best reminder to sweep the kitchen floor is to place a broom somewhere in the view. Experts advise keeping it on wall hangings. This way, your eyes will be on it and you won't forget about sweeping in the evening.

Another good way is to buy a new high-quality broom. You might be surprised at how much better it picks up dirt. And you'll enjoy using it regularly.

You can also introduce a cleaning schedule, distributing this duty among all family members. Or you can remove this issue altogether by purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. Such a gadget is quite capable of handling daily floor cleaning. And it's even more effective at cleaning corners and picking up very fine dirt. But then you have to remember to empty its trash can in time.

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