They want to build 100-meter lighthouses on the Moon: why is it necessary

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100-meter lighthouses on the Moon will perform many functions. Source: Getty/Honeybee Robotics/collage by OBOZ.UA

While countries around the world are racing to return humans to the Moon, private companies are looking for their own benefits, which, however, will benefit future lunar astronauts. For example, a US company intends to build 100-meter lighthouses on the Moon, which could be of great importance to astronauts.

According to Talker, the US government announced that it has selected the California-based technology company Honeybee Robotics to develop the so-called LUNARSABERs. This strange word stands for "Lunar Aided Navigation with Advanced Remote Sensing and Autonomous Radiation for Energy Redistribution."

Simply put, we are talking about giant lights or lighthouses that will show the way for astronauts. But this is not the only thing they will be able to do.

LUNARSABER on the Moon

Honeybee Robotics was selected as part of a 10-year program of the US Department of Defense's DARPA research agency to study the possibilities of lunar architecture. This structure in the US government is responsible for developing the latest technologies for military applications.

LUNARSABER will be over 100 meters high. These structures will be capable of integrating solar energy, storing and transmitting it at the same time. They will also provide communication support, a mesh network and a PNT system - positioning, navigation and synchronization. In addition, these beacons will also act as a surveillance system.

During moonlit nights, LUNARSABER will also perform its direct function of illuminating the area.

LUNARSABER giant moonlights.

"This infrastructure will literally shed light on new possibilities, increasing the operating time of manned and robotic missions on the Moon," explained Chris Zackney, Vice President of Research Systems at Honeybee Robotics.

According to him, LUNARSABER will allow astronauts to work even in the deepest craters on the Moon, where sunlight does not reach.

Zachney is convinced that the introduction of this system is a "game changer and will pave the way for a prosperous lunar economy."

100-meter towers on the moon

LUNARSABERs will also be able to place payloads at the base of the system or can be mounted on top of the mast to significantly increase the service range.

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