They make your blood run cold: the best horror movies of 2023 are named

The best horror movies of 2023

The year 2023 was rich in bright and interesting horror films. Many sequels of legendary films were released, old franchises got a "second life", and new plots were definitely scary.

Variety has compiled a rating of the sixteen best horror films of 2023. In particular, some films did not make it to the top but still received recognition, including Saw X, M3GAN, Sick, and The Wrath of Becky. OBOZ.UA decided to tell you about the 10 best horror films that became part of the Variety rating.

1. Skinamarink

Kyle Edward Ball's debut feature film is about the fears that children face as they grow up. The plot centers on two kids who wake up in the middle of the night and notice that their father has disappeared, as well as all the doors and windows in the house.

Unfortunately, the film has not yet been dubbed into Ukrainian, so you can watch it in the original language only.

2. Talk to Me

The movie revolves around Mia, who is trying to get over the strange death of her mother Rhea. One day, she finds herself at a party where an embalmed hand of a "medium", which is supposed to create contact with the other world, is brought to her. Mia decided to use this chance to find out where her mother had disappeared. The girl contacts Rhea, but she needs help to get out of the world that has captured her.

3. When Evil Lurks

Pedro and Jaime are two brothers who accidentally release a demon into the countryside that can possess people and make them do terrible things. The evil draws its power from all living things, including animals and children. After some time, the brothers begin to realize what is happening and try to save people.

4. Beau Is Afraid

The story centers on Beau, whose nervous system does not allow him to live in peace. He is a recluse who is afraid of the outside world. Nevertheless, he decides to go out to visit his mother, and in doing so, he makes a fatal mistake. The trip turns into a nightmare and he has to live through the worst scenarios he could ever imagine.

5. Infinity Pool

James is a married novelist who, together with his wife, travels off the beaten path during a vacation. After getting into an accident, they find themselves in another world full of horrors. The couple is sentenced to death for the amusement of the public. But if you have enough money, you can replace yourself with lookalikes.

6. Evil Dead Rise

This is the fifth chapter of the Evil Dead movie series. The story tells of two sisters who have hardly communicated since childhood, but when the opportunity to do so arises, they cannot be together because of the appearance of demons who are trying to drag everyone, especially children, to hell.

7. Thanksgiving

The story covers the events of two years around Black Friday after Thanksgiving. The global sale ended tragically, with several people dying. The following year, the events repeat themselves: a mysterious killer inspired by Thanksgiving terrorizes the city.

Unfortunately, this movie can only be viewed in the original language as it has not been dubbed into Ukrainian.

8. In My Mother's Skin

At the end of World War II in the Philippines, a wealthy family is trapped in a mansion and terrorized by Japanese soldiers. Rumor has it that the family's father stole Japanese gold and hid it near the estate. At the same time, the mother's health is deteriorating, so the youngest daughter tries to save her by asking a forest fairy for help.

9. Deliver Us

This is a horror movie with a religious theme. A nun claims to have an immaculate conception. The Vatican is very concerned about this, so it sent a group of priests to investigate as there is an ancient prophecy that if a woman gives birth to twins, one will be the Messiah and the other will be the Antichrist.

Unfortunately, the movie has not yet been dubbed into Ukrainian, so you can only watch it in the original language.

10. No One Will Save You

A movie about a hermit. Aliens broke into her house. The woman has an anxiety disorder, which makes it incredibly difficult for her to cope with intruders. The peculiarity of this movie is that only 5 words are spoken during the whole plot.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA wrote that IndieWire created its own list of the best films of 2023, which were voted for by film critics.

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