These 10 beauty habits age women badly: what clothes and makeup options are best to give up

Some clothes should be thrown away in order not to look older than your age. Source: Pinterest

It's important for women to look young and stylish, but it's better not to combine some things at all. Therefore, instead of a modern look, you can get something boring. Of course, everyone chooses clothes and makeup depending on their comfort. But it is important that comfort also looks stylish.

Sometimes you can create a look that will add age. That's why Bright Side shares 10 tips to understand what makes you look older, what makes you look younger, and what you should get rid of altogether.

1. Tanning

It adds attractiveness, but if you overdo it, it will emphasize all the wrinkles and irregularities. Moreover, excessive sun exposure has a negative effect on the skin, so it can add age to your appearance.

Unsuccessful tanning makes you older

On the other hand, a light tan with proper care can even make you look fresh and youthful. Therefore, it is advisable not to lie under the sun for a long time without proper protection. This way, you can avoid damaging the collagen and elastic fibers that work to tone and firm the skin, the magazine warns.

A successful tan that will give you a fresh look

2. Black clothes

People who are hesitant about what to wear often choose black clothes because it is believed that they can be combined with everything. However, it happens that over time, the skin looks a little paler, so an all-black style will look boring and sad. To avoid this, you can add colorful accent clothes to your outfit. This simple tip from Bright Side will refresh your face.

Hailey Bieber's total black look (left) and accent bag (right)

3. Dark makeup

Makeup is a great tool when you need to hide imperfections and emphasize facial features. Too many saturated colors can add a few extra years. If you don't want to try the "no makeup" trend, Bright Side advises choosing matte, soft, and light colors.

Selena Gomez with dark (left) and delicate light makeup (right)

4. Clothes with large floral prints

Floral prints are always timeless, but some designs are best avoided. According to fashion expert Shea Whitney, "Large, voluminous and bold floral prints make you look much older." To avoid this, you should give preference to delicate and small patterns that will add freshness. In particular, you can choose geometric or abstract patterns.

A large floral print can add age, while a small one can do the opposite

5. Mascara and black eyeliner

Makeup can visually make your eyes look brighter and bigger. It's important not to overdo it because you can emphasize parts of the face that you don't want to highlight. To look natural, Bright Side advises not to overuse black eyeliner and thick mascara, which will make your eyes look harsher and smaller.

It may be better to replace black eyeliner with brown. As for mascara, one or two coats are enough to emphasize the lashes.

Keira Knightley in a strict look with rich black makeup (left) and a delicate one (right)

6. Too loose or shapeless clothes

Jackets or oversized clothes are not only fashionable but also comfortable. But they can add a few extra years and pounds if not properly matched. Baggy clothes can bulk up your silhouette, making it look sloppy.

Baggy clothes can add a few kilograms, but this will not happen if you combine them correctly

7. Leggings

Leggings are very comfortable clothes that adapt to any body type and look good at any age. However, these are not ordinary pants. In a good combination, leggings can emphasize the legs and create a stylish silhouette. But abusing them will make you look older.

Bright Side advises life hacks on how to choose the right leggings and what to combine them with. The high waist will cover the stomach and thus make the figure look more slim, and the right fabric and colors for each season are important for a fresh look.

Leggings go well with wide clothing such as shirts or blouses, cardigans or jackets in winter. In summer, you should style them with tight waist-length dresses or T-shirts.

Combination of leggings with wide clothes (left) and long top (right)

8. Too many different styles in an outfit

Combining different things in an outfit is often mistakenly considered the most fashionable tip. Unfortunately, a bad mix of a bag with heels, a jacket, and even makeup can easily add age.

Bright Side advises that instead of wearing several fashionable looks together, wear one or two, and they don't have to be in the same color scheme as the rest of your clothes.

A successful combination of different styles

9. Too long nails

Long nails with different patterns can be considered a great choice to emphasize the hands, but they will mostly make them look older. On the other hand, short and well-groomed nails will match the rest of the look, regardless of the style. Oval-shaped nails, which protrude only a few millimeters beyond the tips of the fingers, can make hands look younger, the publication writes.

A long, bright manicure (left) can make your hands look older

10. Turtlenecks

High-necked clothes draw a lot of attention to the neck. Instead, it is better to choose discreet round or V-necks. In particular, Bright Side advises using scarves or shawls, which can also add a special touch to the whole look but will not add age.

Turtlenecks can add several years to your look

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