The neighbors will love it: how to care for lavender to get lush blooms in summer

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For lush flowering, it is important to prune lavender in time. Source: Created with the help of AI

If you grow lavender among other plants on your plot, you may have noticed that it doesn't bloom as long as your neighbors. Or it doesn't delight you with the lush color you were hoping for.

Gardening experts say that the mistakes that lead to this are quite simple to fix. OBOZ.UA tells you two tips on how to care for lavender to get the longest and most abundant flowering of this plant.

First of all, congratulate yourself if lavender has taken root on your site – you have already done the hardest part. From now on, you will only need to take care of it in a fairly easy way.

Experts do not recommend watering the plant unless necessary. Lavender can extract moisture from the soil and air extremely efficiently, so it does not need additional moisture under normal conditions. Water the plant only if there is a real drought and it begins to wither.

Another tip that will help prolong the flowering of the plant is to cut off the inflorescences that have already bloomed. Use a sharp knife or secateurs to cut them off about 5 cm above the point where the branch has become lignified. This stimulates the plant to produce new shoots. And not only in the next season but also in the current year. This way you can get an extra season of lavender on your site.

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