The main thing is not to give up: horoscope until June 16 for each zodiac sign

Mars has moved into Taurus and encourages action. Source: Created with the help of AI

Warlike Mars has just moved into the earthy sign of Taurus, where it will remain until the end of July. Since the planet of action is now in the most stable of signs, now is the time to see everything you've started come to fruition.

Astrologers say that even if you feel like things are not moving, or are moving too slowly, just keep going. Sometimes what you need most is not luck or skill, but pure determination. You will be amazed at your results. And these tips will help you achieve them.


When your whole life seems like a struggle, it's easy to drown in thoughts of all the "wrong" decisions you've ever made. You tell yourself that your future would be brighter if you had studied harder, mastered different skills, and invested more in some relationships and less in others. But try to silence this inner voice. All you need to do now is work with what you have. All the necessary tools are already in your hands. Just act calmly.


Lately, you've been trying your best to relax, be flexible, and be open to the world, but you're not succeeding. This week, you may decide it's time to give up your cool and start asserting yourself again. If you are tired of letting others set the terms for you, make your voice heard. If you feel like you're always doing your best for others, remind them that you have needs too. It's important to remember that although you can't control everything, you still have a say.


People tend to underestimate you. They assume that there is nothing behind your good-natured exterior, or they take your friendly demeanor as a sign that you can't or won't stand up for yourself. It's frustrating, and sometimes all you need to do is speak up and demand to be taken seriously. This week is not the time to worry about what others think of you. What's important is that you know who you are, and even if you're not recognized for it, you still have something to be proud of.


Sometimes it can be scary to admit your desires. You may be worried that others will think your plans are ridiculous; maybe deep down you don't believe in your abilities. You think it's safer to keep your ambitions a secret, so no one can disappoint you or doubt you. The flip side of the coin is that no one can help you in such silence. Nothing good will happen if you hide. So, this week, tell your friends what you are working on and what you are dreaming about. Wanting to do great things in your life is not so ridiculous, so stop acting like it's something to be ashamed of.


You have the opportunity to make great strides at work this week, but progress won't happen by itself. You have to take action. This may mean that you have to ask for what you need or apply for an opportunity that seems within reach. Maybe it means having an unpleasant conversation with someone who treats you poorly. As much as you want to keep the peace, this is not the time to shy away from conflict. Your task is to fight for yourself, not politely submit.


No matter how balanced you usually are, you're likely to feel aggressive this week. Other people's words irritate you, your own current affairs seem suffocating, and the world in general has become full of cruelty and injustice, and this is unbearable for you. Nevertheless, your energy is powerful now, but not infinite. Choose the battle you really want to fight. And stand your ground. If you try to participate in every fight that comes your way, you will quickly burn out. Be brave and principled, but also be smart.


You value your community, but lately, some people in it have been driving you crazy. You're tired of petty dramas and ego-based competition. It's tempting to completely withdraw, turn away from all the stress and fuss, and act alone. If you need to set aside some alone time to recharge and focus this week, make it a priority, but don't think that solitude is a long-term solution. The answer is not to turn away from the conflict, but to find a way out of it yourself.


You are often attracted to people who are as driven as you are, and whose personalities are strong enough to meet your demands on yourself. But while this leads to friendships and relationships that are deep and beautiful, it can also lead to intractable conflicts. It's impossible to resolve anything when both parties are so stubborn that they won't give in to each other. If you are stuck in such a conflict, think creatively about how to get out of the situation. It's not about giving up, it's about finding a place where genuine listening and moving forward is possible again.


You may have been feeling trapped lately. You may be able to point to specific problems that are weighing you down. Feeling overwhelmed can be very difficult for you and even confusing. In any case, the worst thing you can do this week is to sit around and think instead of act. Find an outlet for your frustration energy. You need to move, interact with new people, and participate in the life around you. It's impossible to find a way out of this feeling without taking action.


This week, you're finding it hard to muster the motivation to get work done. Your mind keeps wandering, and you spend a long time solving tasks that would normally be a simple matter. You have enough energy for fun socializing and your own creative projects – you just don't have the energy to care deeply about work. Don't try to force yourself. Instead, now allow yourself to do the minimum you can get away with. Save the rest of your energy for what you're really drawn to.


Conflicts that you have long settled may resurface this week, wounds that you thought were healed may reopen. It's annoying that progress takes so long – even worse when it's slowed down. There are some lessons you need to keep learning over and over again. But that doesn't mean you're pedaling in vain. All this time you've been growing and getting stronger, and now it's more noticeable than ever. You have the skills and support you need to handle whatever comes your way.


You imagine that if you could focus all your energy on a single goal, you would be unstoppable. But you don't have the necessary ability to focus. At least not right now. Instead, your attention is scattered. You want a hundred different futures, you want to be everywhere at once, and you want to experience everything the world has to offer. This is not a bad thing, it's how you become a well-rounded person who can tell many interesting stories. Try to prioritize. You can do a lot at once, but you can't do everything, so decide what is most important to you.

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