The Full Moon in May will start a lucky period for three signs: who is on the list

For Aquarius, Leo, and Aries, the Full Moon will be a good time. Source: Created with the help of AI

The May full moon is romantically called the "flower moon" and this year it falls on the 23rd. It is believed that this day brings an influx of healing energy that revitalizes our emotions, strength, and endurance.

This day will have a special effect on representatives of the three zodiac signs. Astrologers have named these lucky ones. Read the horoscope below to find out if your sign is on the list.


You are now given a unique opportunity to think deeply about your environment and what makes you feel safe. This period is ideal for reassessing your own living space. Make sure it truly reflects and supports your deepest needs for safety and comfort. Think about what changes can make your home a haven of love and acceptance. It could be a complete renovation or a small change in decorations.

The May Full Moon also sheds light on your relationship with yourself, emphasizing the importance of self-care. You've recently faced relationship challenges, and this brings an important lesson: you need to take care of yourself as much as you take care of others. Recognize and respect your needs. Remember that you deserve love and kindness. Do not forget about your value and the need to prioritize your well-being. Harmonize the external environment with your inner world.


This is a powerful moment for you to realize your authenticity and listen carefully to your inner voice. Drop any fears and doubts that have been holding you back. Only direct dialog with your inner voice will bring a sense of liberation. Become aware of your unique strengths and identify areas for growth. Think about the changes you need to make to reach your full potential. This lunar phase encourages you to change your life by combining your strengths and vulnerabilities for harmonious progress.

Challenge yourself to overcome past limitations and tap into your deep reserves of courage. Recognize your value and the important influence you have on your destiny. Use this period to strengthen your sense of self and chart a course for the life you want. In addition, this full moon sheds light on your family ties, prompting a deeper understanding of these dynamics. It's a reminder that everyone has the right to feel safe and welcome in their personal space. Learn to be grateful for what really matters – connection with others, a sense of safety and belonging. You are being given a chance to heal, grow, and more closely align with your core values.


The May Full Moon energizes your ambitions, shedding a bright light on the path to success. You will realize how others perceive your professionalism. It's time to seize every opportunity to take your career to the next level. Embrace your authenticity; it is your most valuable asset. When you are sincere, your true potential is fully realized, inspiring admiration and respect from others. Take advantage of the inspiration that the universe gives you and go after your dreams.

However, while independence is your strong suit, remember the importance of cooperation. The Full Moon will help you understand which connections are worth developing and which ones may need to be reassessed. Take a close look at your relationships, whether professional or personal. Make sure they are not toxic and work for you. Changes may be necessary, whether it's to reach a milestone in a romantic relationship or to change the dynamics in a professional partnership. Realize the depth of your potential. You have untapped abilities that are waiting to be unleashed. Dare to understand your strengths and learn how to use them to pave your path to growth. Invest in yourself. Expand your knowledge and skills. Be open to new experiences and learning opportunities. You have all the tools you need to succeed.

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