The edge of Europe: traveling through atmospheric Portugal

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What to see in Portugal

Portugal is a real gem on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful capes, cliffs, beaches, caves, architectural masterpieces and much, much more. However, not so many travelers come here. The reason is the country's remoteness. Its location is very favorable and bad at the same time. This is a paradox.

To know what cities are worth visiting, read on!


This city was considered the largest in Europe 300 years ago. However, a powerful and merciless earthquake completely destroyed it. Other regions of the empire were also affected. The natural disaster caused significant damage to the monarchy, removing it from the ranking of the richest countries for a long time.

Although Lisbon was completely rebuilt later, it no longer had the same greatness. It is noticeable how it "lags behind" other European centers even now. Still, tourists and locals love it not for something but in spite of it.

We recommend going to the Belém Tower. It was built in honor of the legendary Vasco da Gama expedition that opened the way to India for Europeans. In addition, visit the Queluz Palace, St. George's Castle and the Basilica da Estrela. Do not miss the famous museums to learn about puppets, Calouste Gulbenkian, marine and urban life, as well as costume and fashion.

Take the time to visit the Mafra Royal Residence and the Quinta da Regaleira Park Complex. These two buildings are located in the outskirts of the capital.

The edge of Europe: traveling through atmospheric Portugal


Next, we suggest going to the city that gave the country its name. It is divided by the Douro River almost in half, with a massive bridge stretching across it. The famous French architect Gustave Eiffel, the father of the famous tower, worked on the crossing. To begin with, we recommend walking along the promenade and admiring the beauty of the local scenery, and only then go to explore the tourist attractions.

Be sure to take a walk in the Ribeira neighborhood. Here you find the remains of a defensive wall built by the ancient Romans. The neighborhood is very colorful. It reflects the character of the city and its inhabitants.

In addition, you should go to the main square, visit the Museum of Romance, the Stock Exchange Palace, the Cathedral, the House of Music, and the Serralves Foundation, an exhibition hall that presents masterpieces of contemporary art. And don't forget to take a ride on the local tram 22&18. Its route runs through the most beautiful locations in Porto.

The edge of Europe: traveling through atmospheric Portugal

Santa Susanna

This small and completely non-touristy town will be a discovery for every visitor to the country. The settlement is very special. Here you will not see colorful roofs or walls because all buildings are painted white. Doors, window frames, and other elements can only be blue, yellow, or green. The local authorities strictly make sure that no one here breaks the rules. However, the residents don't seem to mind these rules.

The edge of Europe: traveling through atmospheric Portugal

Vilarinho de Agrochão

It is to this region that most of the birds we know go for wintering. You can often see  larkswallows,s, and even storks here. From December to February, it is not very warm here either: the thermometer stays at 7-8 degrees above zero. However, this is a very comfortable temperature for birds.

It is worth coming here to have a good rest from the city bustle and gloomy high-rise buildings that persistently haunt us at home at every turn.

The edge of Europe: traveling through atmospheric Portugal


This small town will amaze you with its slate houses. Everything here is made of this natural material. Even the roofs of the buildings are made of ardesia. The village is hidden in the middle of the mountains, so you are guaranteed a quiet and relaxing weekend.

Here you can just walk around and enjoy the wonders of the flora: waterfalls, mountain rivers, valleys and evergreen fir trees. You can also walk the streets of the village and admire the original architecture.

The edge of Europe: traveling through atmospheric Portugal

Discover the most remote country in Europe. Take your tickets and go on your best trip.

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