The best cities in Europe for a honeymoon

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Destinations for a honeymoon trip

A honeymoon is the best start to family life. You should prepare for it in advance. And the first thing to do is to decide on the country to go on a joint vacation. Of course, if there is such an opportunity. Otherwise, don't forget that Ukraine is also rich in interesting and romantic locations.

Speaking of Europe, we present a selection of good options for an unforgettable (in a good way) honeymoon.


Italy speaks love. So it is not surprising that it is chosen for dates and honeymoons. And the city of Romeo and Juliet is just made for this. Here you can walk along cozy streets and Gothic quarters, kiss near the picturesque arches of the Gavi and Scaliger and, of course, take pictures near the sights.

Be sure to visit The House of Capulet. It was here that their daughter stood on the balcony, listening to the passionate speeches of her chosen one. The complex was bought out and turned into a museum, complementing the interior with elements of that era. Shakespeare lovers, of course, know that this is all a tourist attraction. But sometimes you just want to fall for such curiosities and plunge into the atmosphere of love.

By the way, Verona has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. So there are sights here at almost every turn. Take a moonlit walk across the Ponte Pietra bridge. Dream in the ancient Roman amphitheater Arena di Verona. Think about the eternal in the magnificent Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore.

And if you want to take a break, take a walk along the alleys of the Giusti Garden. It is said that Goethe himself sought inspiration here, among the cypress trees and statues. There is also a "labyrinth of lovers" in the park. According to legend, if a couple can find each other here, they will have a harmonious and happy family life.

The best cities in Europe for a honeymoon


The city is full of passion, love secrets, and scandalous romances. It just can't help but be on our list. A gondola ride under the light of lanterns and stars: what could be better for a honeymoon? Bright and colorful houses in the Burano quarter, ancient cathedrals, and the reflection of stars in the canal waters. All this hints at flirting.

One of the attractions is the Bridge of Sighs. According to legend, it was on this bridge that the famous Casanova went to prison. There is a belief that a couple who passes under the crossing at midnight and kisses each other will keep their feelings forever.

Art lovers should not avoid the Palazzo Ducale. It contains real masterpieces from local masters. And the luxuriously decorated halls and the Golden Staircase will be the best backdrop for photos.

St. Mark's Cathedral is considered the pearl of Venice. Byzantine architecture leaves no one indifferent. Inside the basilica is an altar of 80 icons decorated with precious metal and stones. The relics of the Apostle Mark are also kept here.

The best cities in Europe for a honeymoon


It may be an expected item on our list, but why avoid something that is really perfect for a honeymoon trip?

In addition to the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River embankment, we recommend going to the Wall of Love. It is made of more than 600 tiles, each of which has the main words written on it in different languages. By the way, people often confess their love here. So if you are just getting ready to get engaged, keep this in mind.

We will not list all the sights. The fact of walking through the center of romance is enough. In the morning, have a coffee in a street cafe. And then visit Versailles, the Luxembourg Gardens, and Disneyland if you have the chance.

The best cities in Europe for a honeymoon


The name of the city comes from the name of the goddess Venus. The pompous capital with a rich cultural and architectural heritage will give you an unforgettable luxury trip.

The virtuoso and genius composer Mozart lived here. So, if you like classical music, head here. Then visit the symbol of Vienna: St. Stephen's Cathedral. It impresses with its beauty and size.

In spring, the capital is filled with the scent of blooming roses and chestnuts. You can just walk around, but it's better to book a carriage and take a ride. For lunch, we recommend booking a table in a cozy restaurant on the banks of the Old Danube. And meet the sunset in a booth for two on the Ferris wheel. And if after such a date you want to waltz under the stars, don't hold back.

The best cities in Europe for a honeymoon

Central Europe is the perfect place for a honeymoon trip. Choose your route and buy tickets in advance. Have a happy honeymoon.

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