The beginning of a lucky era: 4 zodiac signs will face life changes on June 4

Horoscope for June 4. Source: Created with the help of AI

The transit of romantic Venus in sociable Gemini on June 4 will start a completely new cycle in the lives of several zodiac signs. Gemini represents duality, symbolizing your soul's desires and more rational needs. It is a social and sociable sign that will bring more than you can even imagine.

The Venus in Gemini occurs once a year and opens a whole new phase related to love, money, travel, and home. Astrologers say that the transit is about expansion, opportunities, learning, and choosing the best option.


Despite being the first sign of the zodiac and a natural leader, you often need to learn to be genuinely confident in yourself and your abilities. You need to learn to listen to yourself, speak your truth, and stop constantly comparing your successes to those of others.

You can finally feel that you are attracting the great wealth that you have always believed was meant for you. Venus transiting Gemini on Tuesday, June 4, will emphasize your strengths. You'll be able to excel in projects, writing, publishing, or even podcasting. Venus' star point in Gemini means you can fully see yourself as you really are. You no longer need to try to blend in or maintain the status quo - you were born to be a leader and stand out.


You are attracted to luxury, wealth, easy living, and exquisite things. But it's important that what you invest your time and effort into is truly satisfying.

On Tuesday, June 4, Venus in Gemini will shine a light on your house of finances and self-esteem, helping you to start a whole new era in these areas of your life. Everything now depends on your decision. In fact, you can achieve incredible goals when you start trusting your intuition.


Be open to exploring new career opportunities. You love plans and rationality. Whether it's in your career or even your personal life, being able to make plans and know what to expect brings you a sense of security. But you also have to leave room for the universe. Some situations are out of your control.

You will be able to succeed, but the path will be different than you originally thought. The Venus Star Point on Tuesday, June 4, signifies a new beginning for your career. It's time to make sure you really put your heart into the work you do. You will have to find a balance between what you need now and what you dream of in the future.


There may be many truths that you agree with, so you will have to consider several options and possibilities when choosing your next move.

You will begin to consider romantic relationships more seriously, but the universe may also test you before moving on to a life-changing decision. Venus, the planet of love, suggests that it's time to leave behind everything that happened in the past.

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