Telegram suffers a massive outage: what's going on

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Telegram was down on May 24. Source: from open sources

On May 24, Telegram experienced a large-scale outage. Users of the social network report that they cannot send messages.

This was reported by Detector Media. The causes of the failure are currently unknown.

"Telegram is experiencing a large-scale failure. This is reported by users of the social network. They can't send messages," Detector Media notes.

Telegram suffers a massive outage: what's going on

Channel 24 writes that users of the social network are having difficulty connecting to the server: the program reports an attempt to connect, but the connection itself does not occur. The problems are reported in both the mobile and desktop versions of the app.

The first complaints began around noon, but they were not widespread at the time and soon disappeared. After a while, the problems resumed.

Users in the US, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and other countries reported failures on Telegram, but not all users registered on the social network faced difficulties.

At the end of April this year, it was reported that Ukraine was working on adding Telegram to the list of digital platforms subject to regulation. The announcement was made after the messenger blocked Ukrainian official chatbots on April 28, which were used to transmit information from the temporarily occupied territories and track enemy actions. The Russians took advantage of the situation and quickly created their own "clones" of the blocked bots.

When a scandal erupted over the blocking, Telegram issued a statement about the temporary blocking of Ukrainian bots of the Main Intelligence Directorate, the Security Service, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, explaining that the reason for their disconnection was "false triggering."

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