Small towns in Ukraine where significant history unfolded

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Interesting settlements of Ukraine

When planning a trip, people often choose well-known destinations. Ukrainians frequently visit Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa, without realizing that there are many places in our country where they can have an interesting and unconventional vacation. Most importantly, these places allow you to connect with the history of our native land.

Today, we will share what is unique about Zhovkva, Myrhorod, Hlukhiv, and other underrated places in our motherland.


In the past, it was a majestic fortress that protected Kyivan Rus from nomads; today, it is a forgotten land. Nevertheless, the city has preserved many historical buildings that can reveal more than textbooks or movies.

Each monument serves as a living testament to the fact that this city was once one of the main centers. It was from here that Prince Ihor embarked on his famous campaign. To commemorate this event for both locals and visitors, the museum of the book "The Tale of Igor's Campaign" was established on the grounds of the Transfiguration Monastery.

The monastery itself was constructed in the XI century. Upon entering, you can ascend the wall and admire the breathtaking beauty of the Desna River. The Triumphal Arch deserves special attention; it was erected in 1787 to honor Catherine II's visit to the city.

Small towns in Ukraine where significant history unfolded


We have heard about this place many times thanks to the works of Nikolai Gogol. In his stories, the playwright celebrated the Poltava region, describing its picturesque nature, mysterious and mystical locations, as well as its inhabitants, both virtuous and not-so-virtuous. Settlements from his native land frequently appear on the pages of his volumes: Dykanka, Velyki Sorochyntsi, Myrhorod, etc.

However, few people know that this area was renowned even before the writer's birth. Moreover, the oldest settlement on the Left Bank of Ukraine was situated here.

The modern region is abundant in beautiful parks, sculptures, historical museums, and, of course, balneological resorts. Overall, there is much to see and do.

Small towns in Ukraine where significant history unfolded


The city is named after Hetman Stanisław Żółkiewski, who led the Polish-Ukrainian army in an attempt to occupy Moscow. The fortress was constructed in 1368, and to this day, tall walls and defensive towers have been preserved.

The entrance to the city begins at the Glinsky Gate. Subsequently, visitors encounter the Church of St. Lawrence, a synagogue, the Dominican Cathedral, the Church of St. Paraskeva, and Zhovkva Castle. The local churches are renowned far beyond the Lviv region because all the saints depicted here are dressed in Ukrainian national attire.

Small towns in Ukraine where significant history unfolded


Few people know that this is not just a small town but the former capital of the Hetmanate. It was in this region that the history of our motherland was forged. The settlement was first mentioned in the Ipatiev Chronicle in 1152.

While Baturyn and Chyhyryn are well-known, few have heard of Hlukhiv. These names constantly appear in movies, novels, and legends, and rightfully so. Fierce battles took place there, and the Sich members fought to the last.

However, Hlukhiv also has its own story to tell. It was the quietest and most peaceful center of the Hetmanate. It was here that the Cossacks elected their ataman for the last time. It was here that the customs office was located in ancient times, and it was here that outstanding architectural monuments were built.

The most famous of them are: Kyiv Gate, the House of the County Zemstvo, the Church of St. Nicholas, the Water Tower, and the oldest library in Ukraine.

Small towns in Ukraine where significant history unfolded


An ancient fortress that is still mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years. According to official sources, it was founded in 705. The fortress was destroyed more than once. It was first demolished during the reign of Princess Olha. Then, after Ihor's death, the settlement was burned down by her order.

Today, it is an incredibly picturesque corner of our motherland. There are many beautiful parks, historical sights, and monuments here. The most famous park is Drevlianskyi, located in the heart of the city. It has a majestic canyon with the Uzh River flowing through it.

Visitors to Korosten also enjoy exploring Stalin's bunker, which has been transformed into a museum. They come here to touch the most secretive place of the past and immerse themselves in the mysterious atmosphere.

Small towns in Ukraine where significant history unfolded


Famous among Poles but unfortunately forgotten by Ukrainians, the legendary battle between the Zaporozhian Army and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth took place here. Back then, 300 brave warriors on the island-crossing Hayok tried to hold back the invaders and allow their comrades to retreat to a safe distance. The defense was broken, and the Cossacks were defeated.

The city is steeped in history, heroism, legends, and traditions. Many buildings remind us of our past and tell us who we are and where we come from.

The first place everyone should visit is the National Historical and Memorial Reserve "Berestechko Battlefield." Also noteworthy is the St. George's Monastery, where a sarcophagus with the bones of Cossacks is still kept in the dungeon. Do not overlook St. Michael's Church. It is said that this is where Bohdan Khmelnytsky prayed on that fateful day.

Ukraine has a rich history, and settlements, small villages, and district centers can tell us more than the famous fortresses and castles. Travel the expanses of our homeland, study its culture and traditions, get to know its past and present.

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