Six airport mistakes that can make you risk missing your flight: never do this

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Six airport mistakes that can make you risk missing your flight: never do this

Being late for a flight is a common occurrence for many travelers. However, the airline doesn't pay any compensation for a missed flight, and your future trip is at risk of being completely ruined.

Statistics show that 8% of people who use airplanes miss their flights every year. There can be many reasons for this. OBOZREVATEL talks about the most common mistakes made by passengers.

Passengers are not focused on boarding time

One of the most common mistakes is that passengers are guided by the departure time of the plane, not the boarding time. The difference is about 20 minutes, but if you approach the gate at departure time, no one will let you on board.

The time spent in the duty-free zone usually flies by unnoticed, just like a missed plane. Passengers think they have enough time to shop. International airports are famous for their huge entertainment areas, and moving between gates can take a long time.

Passengers miss planes while already at the airport

Alcohol is the enemy of passengers who risk missing their flight. People in airport bars usually don't keep track of time and are so engrossed in conversations with friends that they don't even hear the airline's loudspeaker announcement that they are wanted.

Losing a ticket or passport at the airport is a common story. It is worth keeping your documents in a safe place. It's a good idea to make copies, as losing a boarding pass or other document can delay your flight.

Passengers get lost at the airport

Passengers also often confuse the terminals from which their flight departs. If you check in online and arrive at the airport with a boarding pass, the automatic scanner will let you through to any terminal. But at the departure gates, you will have trouble transferring passengers who have already passed customs control to another terminal.

Lack of entry or exit documents is one of the most common mistakes. Make sure you have everything you need, including passports, visas, and travel permits for children. This is the responsibility of passengers, not airline employees.

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