Secrets of a youthful look: how to wear makeup to tighten skin and open eyes

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The approach to using eye makeup after 40 needs to change

A trio of cosmetic products - eyeliner, eye shadow, and eyebrow products - can completely change the entire face. And this is especially noticeable after the age of 40, when the tone of the skin around the eyes changes and it becomes important to open the eyes with the help of cosmetics.

OBOZ.UA asked professional makeup artists for their advice on how to learn how to use this trio for a truly rejuvenating makeup look. They shared three main life hacks.

Apply eyeliner only to the upper eyelid

Eyeliner helps to open the eyes at any age, but after 40, you need to apply it only on the upper eyelid and use a minimum of product. A large amount of liner applied all around the perimeter makes the eyes look tired and heavy, which should be especially avoided in adulthood. Instead, it is better to apply the product with light touches and only on the outer two-thirds of the upper eyelid, completely avoiding the lower eyelid. In addition, you can apply a drop of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye. This life hack will make your eyes look more radiant and youthful.

Replace eyebrow pencil with cream or powder

Eyebrow makeup is called more of a science than an art. Take a makeup brush and hold it vertically against the wing of your nose, drawing a straight line between it and the beginning of your eyebrow. This is how you determine the optimal point of this beginning. Next, tilt the same brush towards the ear at a 45-degree angle to determine the optimal place for the end of the eyebrow. To determine the perfect top of the arch, move the brush so that it goes from the wing of the nose through the center of the eye. The shape is ready.

Next, use a powder or cream product to fill in the shape. These products blend better than a pencil and give your eyebrows a more natural look. Start by shaping the tail of the eyebrow and use the remaining product on the brush to fill in the head. Usually, the hairs grow more densely there and therefore it needs less product. When it comes to choosing a shade, makeup artists advise choosing a shade lighter than your hair.

Contour your eyelids like your cheekbones

The principle used to contour cheekbones works quite effectively with eyelids if you want to make your eyes look more fresh and youthful. Create the illusion of depth with the help of eyeshadow, hiding the overhanging eyelid. Apply shadows that are darker than your complexion where you want to remove excess volume and blend them well. This will help to visually change the shape of the eye and open the gaze.

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