Scientists discover a planet that glows like the Sun: what happened to it

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The universe hides many secrets, and astronomers have recently discovered an amazing planet that glows like the Sun. The discovery happened by accident. First, scientists found a larger planet with a mass similar to Uranus, and then a planet that was only 30% larger than Earth.

The third was a planet with the symbolic name TOI-6713.01. This is a real baby, making a revolution around the star in 2.2 Earth days. What happened to this planet and why it glows like the Sun is reported by New Scientist.

When modeling the orbital dynamics of the entire system, astronomers made a discovery: it turns out that two larger planets move in very eccentric orbits while they follow oval trajectories. Conventionally, this can be depicted as follows: the planets come close to the star HD 104067, and then abruptly fly away to the outer limits of the star system. This unusual gravity pulls the smallest planet, which is also "fighting" for the star's gravity.

The discovery was made by a team of astronomers led by Stephen Kane from the University of California, Riverside.

"Tidal forces are quite weak in circular orbits. But eccentric orbits can literally bend planets, cause volcanism, and change their shape at every turn," Kane explained.

Astronomers explain that the temperature on the surface of TOI-6713.01 can reach a fantastic 2300 °C, which is almost twice the melting threshold for cast iron.

According to the hypothesis, it is the high temperature that causes the planet's bright glow. The astronomers also said that TOI-6713.01 is likely to be experiencing volcanism on a huge scale, larger than that of the Solar System's giant volcanic object, Jupiter's moon Io.

In fact, under the influence of the gravity of the star and the neighboring two planets, TOI-6713.01 became so hot that it began to glow.

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