Scientists: Aliens may have known about the existence of humans on Earth for a long time

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Humanity has been sending powerful signals into space for more than a century

Despite all the efforts made by mankind to find some trace of alien life in the universe, we have not yet achieved any success. Nevertheless, scientists do not rule out that aliens have most likely known about our existence for a long time.

This is stated in the BBC material. In 1950, the famous physicist Enrico Fermi pointed out the discrepancy between the fact that we have not yet found signs of life, despite the high probability of its existence somewhere in the extremely vast universe. In this way, he hinted that aliens probably exist, but are not too eager to make contact.

A new idea of scientists is that while we are unsuccessfully trying to find alien civilizations, they themselves have long since detected us, although we still do not know about them.

Scientists point out that if intelligent extraterrestrial life really exists, it will not be difficult for it to notice us.

The fact is that humanity has been sending radio signals into space for more than a century and declaring its existence. This is especially true of the period between 1900 and World War II, when radio transmitters had to emit powerful signals to reach relatively primitive receivers.

The spacecraft created by humankind that were sent across the solar system and even beyond could not go unnoticed. For example, NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 probes, each of which is equipped with its own transmitters.

As Futurism notes, Howard Isaacson, an astronomer at the University of California, Berkeley (USA), recently discovered that the travels of these probes are technically capable of alerting more than 1,000 stars to our existence by 2300.

"The signal will certainly be perceived as artificial," he told the BBC.

The scientist also noted that in just eight years, the star closest to us will have enough time to receive our signals and respond to them.

But signals in space are not the only way for alien civilizations to learn about our existence. They could learn about us using the methods that humanity uses to detect exoplanets orbiting nearby stars. Aliens could also analyze the Earth's atmosphere, detecting signs of liquid oceans that might be habitable.

A large number of city lights that emit sodium, as well as environmental pollution, could also give away the existence of an advanced civilization on Earth.

As for why aliens do not make contact with our planet, scientists do not rule out that perhaps aliens do not know what our intentions are and simply keep away.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA also told about a bold theory of scientists who suggested that humans and aliens may be so different from each other that an alien species would not even realize that earthlings are living beings.

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