Russians report a battle near the village of Terebreno in Russia: what is known

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Russians report a battle in Belgorod region

On the afternoon of December 17, local authorities in the Belgorod region complained that a small arms battle between Ukrainian soldiers and Russian occupiers was taking place near one of the settlements. As a result of the shooting, power lines were damaged in several villages.

The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said that the village of Terebreno in the Krasnoyaruzsky district was allegedly under fire. He said this on Telegram.

The Russian official used the traditional Kremlin propaganda rhetoric to claim that "the relevant departments are keeping the situation under control."

At the same time, Gladkov complained that several villages had damaged power lines. He also noted that emergency and operational services would be able to start eliminating the consequences only after approval from the Ministry of Defense of the terrorist country of Russia.

The propagandists claimed that a Ukrainian sabotage group had allegedly infiltrated the territory of Belgorod Oblast and engaged in combat with Putin's army. The Russian media also claimed that the battle began around 11:00.

In addition, the propagandists said that about 200 people live in the village of Terebreno, but people were not evacuated, so they are hiding in basements.

Russians report a battle near the village of Terebreno in Russia: what is known

As a reminder, a car carrying officials hit a mine in the Belgorod region of Russia. As a result of the explosion, the passengers of the vehicle were seriously injured. In particular, the deputy head of the Krasnoyaruzsk administration, Igor Borodayenko, had his legs blown off.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian occupiers once again complained about a nighttime UAV attack and claimed that they had allegedly shot down the drones. However, within a few hours, photos appeared on the network confirming another lie of the Russians.

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