Rot, water on schedule and a bunch of homeless people: a Russian woman complained about her vacation in a popular Russian resort

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Russian woman complained about her vacation in Gelendzhik

A citizen of a terrorist country spoke with disgust about her experience of living in Gelendzhik. The woman had lived in the popular Russian resort for five years and said she would never return. The Russian woman cried that she could no longer stand the smell of rotting waste from overflowing garbage cans, the lack of water for days on end, and the unfriendly locals.

The tourist told about the "charms" of the domestic resort of the "great and mighty Russia" on one of the Russian portals. She said that it is still possible to get used to the exhausting heat in the city, but this is not the biggest disaster that vacationers will have to face.

"I would rather choose to freeze in winter, not see the Black Sea in summer and eat less fruit. I'm so tired of these places that I don't want to come back even for a while," a citizen of the aggressor state said about her trip to the south.

During the holiday season, Gelendzhik, according to the Russian woman, turns into a foul-smelling anthill from which she wants to escape. Music is blaring everywhere, it's impossible to move normally on the streets, and on top of that, it's insanely hot. The fact that the tap water is only available on schedule for a few hours a day adds to the entourage.

Rot, water on schedule and a bunch of homeless people: a Russian woman complained about her vacation in a popular Russian resort

The "patriot" also did not like the large number of homeless people and animals on the streets. In addition, there are garbage cans that remain overflowing for weeks, and the amount of garbage in them multiplies.

"In summer, it's especially disgusting because of the smell of waste rotting in the heat," the traveler said.

In addition, the locals, who actually live off the tourists, are not particularly friendly. The Russian woman complained: "For example, when I didn't choose anything in one clothing store, they shouted after me that I had just touched everything and left. The assistant of my dentist in Gelendzhik did not hesitate to discuss me during the procedures and make very strange jokes."

However, the tourist's complaints did not end there. She shared that the city's cultural life is extremely poor, and the chaotic public transportation and loud music from cars make her feel very uncomfortable.

And this is not the only case when Russians speak angrily about their own resorts. Gelendzhik was also criticized by another tourist who was shocked by the high prices in the city. According to her, she spent much less on vacation in Turkey or Egypt.

Rot, water on schedule and a bunch of homeless people: a Russian woman complained about her vacation in a popular Russian resort

"A hotel with a swimming pool cost 41 thousand rubles (463$) for a week's stay, another eight thousand (90$) was spent on tickets to Adler, and six and a half thousand rubles (73$) on a taxi. In addition, food in restaurants and cafes cost an average of two and a half thousand rubles (28$). In addition, we went on excursions: we went up the Olympus cable car for 1.2 thousand (13.5$), and rode on sap boards with an instructor for 15 thousand rubles (169$)," the Russian woman said.

As OBOZ.UA wrote earlier, Russians were outraged by the behavior of their own compatriots on vacation in Sochi near the Black Sea coast. Tourists from the Russian Federation complain about feces in the water and inappropriate behavior of vacationers. For more details, follow the link.

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