Rhinoplasty-like effect: how to lower your nose with makeup

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Sometimes contouring is as effective as plastic surgery. Source: Created with the help of AI

Experience shows that most people are dissatisfied with their nose in their appearance. A small, narrow nose with a slightly raised tip is considered "ideal." Many women go under the knife to change their appearance, although there is a simple makeup trick that can create the desired effect.

You don't even need any unusual makeup products – everything you need is already in your makeup bag. The trick was shared on Instagram by beauty blogger Kristen Dominik.

So, to reshape your nose, stock up on bronzer, contouring products, and highlighter. Start by using a brush to apply a little bronzer above the tip of your nose to create the desired shadow line, then blend it out.

Next, use the contouring product. Pick up a little product on a small brush and draw an arc over the tip of your nose. The ends of this arc should not look straight down to make the shape as natural as possible. Next, use tapping movements to blend this contour. Do not rub the line – it should remain exactly where you drew it.

Apply another line with the sculptor under the tip of the nose – on the bridge between the nostrils – and blend. This will visually lift it.

Finally, apply a drop of highlighter just below the upper contouring line to highlight the tip. When you blend this product, you will notice that your nose looks as if you have undergone a nose lift procedure.

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