Putin spoke about the goal of the "SMO", treacherous NATO and dangerous drone attacks on Russia: the Russians did not appreciate the speech

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Putin has once again issued a set of delusional beliefs

On December 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at an expanded meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry board. In his speech, he once again accused the West of waging a "hybrid war" against Russia, complained about deception by Western countries and drone attacks on Russian territory, said that the aggressor state was not going to give up its intentions to achieve "the goals of the SMO" and praised the Russian military industry.

Putin's statements are published by Russian propaganda channels. However, Russians did not appreciate another set of Kremlin delusional statements issued by the aging dictator.

For example, the Russian president is extremely unhappy that Western countries did not leave Ukraine to fight Russia, which has unleashed an aggressive war against its weaker neighbor, on its own.

"The West continues to wage a hybrid war against Russia. It is actively supplying the Kyiv regime with real-time intelligence, sending military advisers, and transferring modern weapons systems, including highly mobile multiple launch rocket systems, long-range missile systems, and cluster munitions," Putin complained.

Putin also complained about the West's plans to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets.

At the same time, the dictator tried to convince the audience that NATO was trying to surround Russia.

"Recently, the activity of NATO as a whole has increased dramatically. Significant forces from the United States, including aircraft, have been deployed to our borders, and the number of Alliance troops in Eastern and Central Europe has increased. Finland, as we know, has already been recruited to NATO, and Sweden is scheduled to join. In fact, this means the next stage of the Alliance's approach to our borders," the Russian president said, repeating the same old narrative about the alleged promise given to Russia by NATO leaders in 1997 "not to expand eastward."

The Russian president could not resist complaining again about NATO's "deception" as the bloc does not fulfill Russia's ultimatums on "non-expansion."

"They are lying shamelessly at every step. At the same time, the aggressive nature of the bloc is no longer hidden behind defensive language. I was told all the time: that it's not a military bloc, it's a political organization. And no one has canceled Article 5. Never," Putin said.

The West, according to the dictator, is not abandoning "its strategy of containing Russia and its aggressive goals in Ukraine." This, Putin argues, allegedly gives Russia the right to continue killing Ukrainians, destroying Ukrainian cities and occupying the territories of the neighboring state.

"Well, we are not going to give up our goal of a special military operation," he said.

In the reality in which the Russian dictator lives, the occupying army has the initiative on the battlefield.

"Assessing the current situation on the ground, on the line of combat contact, we can say with certainty that our troops have the initiative. In fact, we are doing what we consider necessary. What we want to do. Where necessary, where the commanders consider it necessary to adhere to the tactics of active defense, this is what is happening, and where necessary, we are improving our positions. The enemy is suffering heavy losses and has largely wasted its reserves, trying to show its real masters at least some results," Putin told the audience.

He did not mention the losses that the Russian army "deemed necessary" to suffer during the meaty assaults.

Russian weapons once again surpassed Western models in all respects in Putin's speech.

"By the way, the myth about the invulnerability of Western military equipment has also been debunked. All attempts, as they said in the West, to inflict a strategic defeat on us have been defeated by the courage and resilience of our soldiers," the dictator said, emphasizing that the West is allegedly "faced with the growing power" of the Russian armed forces.

At the same time, Putin said that the invasion of Ukraine "revealed problems".

"The production and supply of high-precision shells and drones of various types must be seriously increased. I know that changes are taking place. They are happening quite quickly, but we still need to work on it, we need to consolidate this trend. The work of air defense also needs to be improved," he said.

Putin complained about drone attacks on Russian territory.

"It seemed to be a trifle, some plywood, some small drones flying around. It turned out not to be, and it causes damage. And this should not be overlooked in any case," the dictator said.

But in general, according to Putin's words, Russia is "ahead of the world."

"Thanks to the work of the military-industrial complex, the supply of armored vehicles has increased by 3 times. The supply of cars has increased by 4.5 times. In general, the number of major weapons models being purchased has increased by 2.7 times. And the most popular ones - by 7 times," the Russian president said pompously.

Putin also said that "in the face of new military threats, the role of the military triad has increased," which "ensures a strategic balance of power."

"Thanks to the implementation of the state arms program and the well-coordinated work of the defense complex, 15 Yars will be in service by the end of the year. The space component in Russia is 95% complete, and the naval component is 100% complete," the Russian president boasted.

But Russians did not appreciate the dictator's sweet speeches. In the comments under the relevant posts in Russian social media, they drew attention to the Russian president's latest attempts to brandish a "nuclear stick."

"The main thing is for Americans to read and hear Putin... about the nuclear triad... let's drive Americans underground into bunkers... bury false democracy with them." "What can these Yars and other nuclear weapons do? Just for scaring," the commentators wrote, consoling themselves with the illusory hope that the Russian president would fulfill his promise not to use nuclear weapons, unlike his other promises.

And some commentators were not particularly enthusiastic about Putin's boasting about the growth of the military-industrial complex.

"Storyteller", "Yes, yes. Thank you for the old MTLBs that have not seen any repairs and are breaking down on the move. For some reason, we don't have any spare parts for them", "Every ruble is about tanks now, what a f*cking economy", "A signal blocking system to control drones around soldiers for a short time is as necessary as air. We have been losing guys because of ordinary under-barrel grenades for 2 years... "Greatest" military! Is it hard to develop short-term portable jammers for soldiers?" the Russians are indignant.

And stories about the Russian army's "victories" at the front caused a violent reaction.

"It's a pity that thousands of lives were cut short to understand the f*ck-up of generals and marshals. I feel sorry for Prigozhin, too", "There are difficulties every year. Either a knife in the back, or deceived, or stolen, or the fifth column," commentators write.

As a reminder, while Putin is boasting about the "destroyed myth of Western weapons," British intelligence has stated that Ukrainian air defense is successfully countering Putin's "superweapon." The Kremlin's touted "supersonic" Kinzhal missiles have shown neither a high percentage of target hits nor the "invulnerability" that the Russian dictator has been scaring the world with.

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