Power supply may be limited in Kyiv and Kyiv region: details

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Power may be cut off in the capital and the region
Power may be cut off in the capital and the region

Overhead power lines were damaged in an overnight attack on the capital on November 25. Experts have begun repair work, but this may result in a power outage in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

This was reported by the press service of Ukrenergo. Residents of the capital region were urged to consume electricity sparingly.

"Ukrenergo's main overhead power lines and distribution lines of regional power companies in the region were damaged as a result of the enemy's night attack. This means that the reliability of power supply in the region has been reduced. Our repair crews and colleagues have already started emergency repair work. During the period of restoration work, there may be power supply restrictions in Kyiv and the Kyiv region," the press service warned.

Ukrenergo added that it will take time to eliminate the consequences of the attack. Currently, repair crews are doing everything possible to restore the reliability of the power supply as soon as possible, and Kyiv residents were urged to help power engineers by not overloading the grid and consuming electricity sparingly.

Power supply may be limited in Kyiv and Kyiv region: details

As a reminder, after an enemy attack in Kyiv on November 25, residential buildings and institutions were left without electricity. Problems with power supply due to the enemy attack were also recorded in the Kyiv region.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, on the morning of November 25, when Ukraine commemorates the victims of the Holodomor of 1932-33, Russian troops attacked Kyiv with Iranian kamikaze drones from several directions. Air defense was working in the capital.

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