Power substation supplying three military plants explodes in Russia

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A power substation exploded in Ekaterinburg

On the evening of March 1, an explosion occurred at the Kalininskaya power substation in Ekaterinburg, Russia. According to preliminary data, this facility supplies power to three military plants at once.

Propagandists have already invented a legend that traces of explosives were allegedly found at the scene. Russian propaganda media wrote about this.

According to emergency services, the explosion occurred around 23:00 local time. Also, representatives of the relevant departments said that "there was a malfunction of electrical equipment at the power substation, accompanied by a pop and a bright flash."

Local authorities claim that the incident did not lead to a power outage and that the electrical equipment at the Kalininskaya substation is allegedly operating normally.

It is noteworthy that one propaganda outlet reported that the explosion was allegedly caused by a short circuit. However, other propagandists, citing sources in law enforcement agencies, claim that traces of explosives were found at the scene.

It is worth noting that Ekaterinburg is home to a number of defense industry enterprises. Among them are the Novator Design Bureau, the 144th Armored Repair Plant, the Ural Production Enterprise Vector, and the Research and Production Association NPO Automatika. At the same time, last year, Russians complained that the defense industry was facing a personnel shortage, so Ekaterinburg's plants needed more than 2,000 employees.

As a reminder, an explosion occurred in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the morning of March 2. The Russians claimed that a UAV had gone down. Later, footage was posted online that captured the first moments after the explosion.

Earlier it was reported that the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation complained about another drone attack. On February 29, several UAVs exploded in the Graivoronsky district. The Pantsyr-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system was damaged, and there were wounded Russian soldiers.

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