Polish farmers build hatred to Ukrainian products on myths - Ambassador Zvarych

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Ambassador Vasyl Zvarych refuted Polish myths about Ukrainian grain

The campaign that Polish farmers are waging against Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products is based on myths and is groundless. And the border blockade affects the entire Polish-Ukrainian trade exchange and the economies of both countries.

This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Vasyl Zvarych on Facebook. He refuted the most common myths about Ukrainian agricultural products in the neighboring country.

"Don't be deceived and manipulated! The protesting farmers are building their hatred for Ukrainian products on myths that are contrary to reality. The campaign against agri-food products from Ukraine is groundless. The truth is different and not so "threatening" for farmers from Poland and other EU countries," Zvarych wrote.

The diplomat emphasized that before entering the European market, Ukrainian products are tested for quality in accordance with EU legislation.

"Otherwise, it would not have entered the EU market," Zvarych said.

The ambassador also noted that Polish products in Ukrainian stores are much more numerous in terms of percentage.

"The presence of products from Ukraine in Polish stores is negligible," the diplomat said.

Zvarych also emphasized that grain from Ukraine is currently only in transit through Poland and accounts for only 5% of total Ukrainian grain exports. The main grain corridor for Ukraine remains the Black Sea and Danube.

The blockade of the border by Polish farmers has a negative impact on the entire Polish-Ukrainian trade exchange and on the economy of both Ukraine and Poland.

"Not only Ukraine, but also Polish entrepreneurs, who annually export about $12 billion worth of goods to the Ukrainian market, are losing out," Zvarych emphasized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

On February 25, the Poles staged the largest diversion of Ukrainian grain at the border. Protesters opened and dumped the contents of eight railroad cars with Ukrainian corn.

And on February 26, protesters near the Rava-Ruska border crossing scattered nails and screws all over the road to prevent Ukrainian vehicles, including passenger vehicles, from continuing to move.

Meanwhile, Polish carriers announced that they would resume their strike at the Ukrainian border on March 1. Drivers and representatives of logistics companies will join the blockade already being organized by Polish farmers.

One of the organizers of the Polish protests on the border of Ukraine turned out to be the owner of a transportation company that manages to make money from the blockade. We are talking about Edyta Ozigala, a member of the Polish border blockade committee, head of the protest at the Yagodyn-Dorogusk checkpoint, and a politician.

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