Poles blocked the border with Ukraine: which checkpoints were blocked

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Poles blocked the border with Ukraine
Poles blocked the border with Ukraine

Polish farmers have resumed protests on the border with Ukraine. As a result, vehicular traffic at several checkpoints is virtually blocked: only a few vehicles per hour are allowed to pass.

This was reported by the State Border Guard Service. They noted that traffic is hampered at the following checkpoints:

  • Medyka – Shehyni;
  • Hrebenne – Rava-Ruska;
  • Dorohusk – Yahodyn.

"Due to the protests of Polish farmers that started today, the movement of some checkpoints is hampered. We recommend that travelers plan their route through other checkpoints," the statement said.

How many cars do the protesters let through?

According to the border guards, the protesters are set to let 1 truck per hour through the Medyka checkpoint. As well as:

  • 1 bus;
  • 1 car.

Near the Hrebenne checkpoint, it is planned to let through 2 trucks per hour in both directions. The movement of cars and buses will not be restricted.

At the Dorohusk checkpoint, the protesters intend to let 1 truck in both directions through every hour. "Bus traffic will remain unchanged," the State Border Guard Service said.

Polish authorities support farmers

At the same time, Polish Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sekerski said that farmers' protests against the influx of goods from Ukraine are justified. According to him, Poland and other countries bordering Ukraine allegedly "suffered the most from the EU's decision to liberalize trade, to open the EU to the inflow of goods from Ukraine, without duties, without quotas."

"Farmers have legitimate fears, expectations, and demands to limit the excessive flow of goods from Ukraine and other non-European markets to the EU, particularly to Poland. We will negotiate to the end because the truth is on the side of farmers and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, which shares a similar position with farmers," he said.

At the same time, he emphasized that in certain areas a complete blockade of imports would be required. He cited the situation with grain as an example.

"It may be necessary to do so in relation to sugar and poultry. We will make proposals to the EC, but we also want to establish this in our relations with Ukraine," Sekerski said.

The EU supported Ukraine, not Poland

Earlier, Business Inside reported that the EU would not introduce quotas for some Ukrainian products, as the EC refused to respond to Poland's request. Moreover, the EC is preparing a draft decision to extend duty-free trade with Ukraine. It is expected that this regime will be in effect at least until June 2025.

Poland justified its request by saying that imports of Ukrainian products to Europe were allegedly becoming a problem for Western European countries. And it was not just about grain. In particular, Poland noted, that France, Austria, and Germany raised the issue of a threat to their markets:

  • poultry;
  • fruit;
  • sugar.

"These countries are talking, in particular, about the need to renew tariff quotas, which are now suspended under EU rules. We appealed to the European Commission with a request to restore tariff quotas for some sensitive products, but this was rejected by the European Commission," said Polish Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sekerski.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the Polish authorities are planning to tighten control on the border with Ukraine. In particular, they want to intensify inspections of goods coming from our country. Polish Minister Czeslaw Sekerski conducted inspections at the Medyka and Korczowa border crossing points and announced tighter control and more intensive inspections.

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