Peas will be big and sweet: what to feed in June

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Peas begin to ripen in June, so they need some support. Source: Created with the help of AI

June is the season of fresh green peas, a legume vegetable that not only has a pleasant fresh flavor but also adds a pleasant sweetness to dishes. However, without proper fertilization, it is impossible to get a really good harvest of peas, whether young or ripe.

Gardeners know what to do with pea bushes to get the most out of them. OBOZ.UA asked them for their tips and recipes.

The main feature of legumes is that they almost do not need nitrogen fertilizers – these species, including peas, can effectively capture the element from the environment and even enrich the soil with it. Potassium and phosphorus are another matter. These two components are essential for peas to grow well.

Experienced gardeners point out that a lack of phosphorus in the soil has a bad effect on the condition of peas. Its nodule bacteria, which help to accumulate nitrogen, do not work properly. This has a negative impact on grain formation and development. It ripens more slowly, is smaller in size, and contains fewer nutrients as a result.

The plant has the greatest need for nutrition in the early stages of growth. Then it is necessary to treat the bed where it grows with potassium-phosphorus fertilizers. The plant will also need molybdenum, boron, copper, and other nutrients.

But when the peas begin to ripen, they can be watered with wood ash infusion. Fill a bucket one-third full of dry ash, fill it to the top with hot water, and leave it to stand for 48 hours. Stir the liquid from time to time. Then carefully filter the infusion. It can be applied as a root dressing under pea bushes, or you can spray the plants with it to control pests.

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