Open-air museums: 5 ancient cities in Europe

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Ancient cities in Europe that tourists don't know about

Traveling is always wonderful. It inspires, allows you to take a break from routine tasks, and get to know yourself. It is also very beneficial for health, as walking strengthens the body's endurance and promotes healing.

Various excursions are the best way to learn about the history, traditions, and customs of a country.

Today, we will tell you about the cities in Europe that still retain the spirit of the past.

Delft, the Netherlands

Delft is a typical Dutch town, yet very different from others. Here, you will find dozens of medieval buildings, ancient temples, and magnificent cathedrals. That's why no traveler will ever get bored here.

Be sure to visit the New Church on the Market Square, built between 1396 and 1496. The shrine boasts a soaring tower 108 meters high, making it one of the tallest buildings in the country. Representatives of the royal family are buried within the walls of the prayer hall, including the tomb of William I of Orange, a masterpiece of Dutch Baroque.

Also, explore the Prinsenhof, a complex of medieval buildings that once served as the monarch's residence. Visit a porcelain factory where delicate white and blue painted dishes are crafted. Don't miss the East Gate, situated at the convergence of several canals.

Open-air museums: 5 ancient cities in Europe

Lucerne, Switzerland

This picturesque town is situated near the lake of the same name. While it may seem that the settlement emerged several centuries ago, it is actually much older. Historians believe that the village existed here even before the Roman Empire.

The aristocratic spirit of old Europe is palpable here. We recommend starting your exploration of Lucerne with the Museggmauer fortress wall, which has been completely preserved to this day. Also, take a stroll along the Kapelbrücke: it is the oldest covered wooden bridge. Wander through the streets of the center, paying attention to the Church of St. Leodegar. Visit the Richard Wagner Museum and stroll to Swan Square.

Finally, head to the former quarry. There are two attractions awaiting you: the Dying Lion carved bas-relief and the Glacier Garden.

Open-air museums: 5 ancient cities in Europe

Glastonbury, United Kingdom

This is a sacred place for the British because, according to legend, Prince Arthur is buried here. It is also home to the first Christian church in the UK and the famous Glastonbury Tor, where St. Michael's Tower is built.

Overall, this is a very cozy and peaceful town with a rich historical heritage. However, it's never quiet in the summer because a music festival is held here during this period. So, if you don't like the hustle and bustle, visit here in early spring.

In Glastonbury, be sure to visit the Somerset Rural Life Museum, the Abbey of the same name, St. Mary's Church, the local well, and the tiny Church of the Goddess.

Open-air museums: 5 ancient cities in Europe

Baden, Austria

This small historic town is located 26 kilometers from Vienna. It is well known among tourists because it is home to the most popular thermal complex in Europe, where people come to improve their health and relax.

To get to know the city better, head to the main city square, Hauptplatz. Here, you'll find the Emperor's House and the Holy Trinity Column. Visit the local theater and the Beethoven House, where the composer wrote his Solemn Mass and completed his Ninth Symphony.

Finally, take a trip to the Helenental Valley, where you'll find several interesting castles.

Open-air museums: 5 ancient cities in Europe

Pécs, Hungary

The first settlement in this area was founded in the early years of our era. Therefore, it has survived many wars, natural disasters, and has been subjected to numerous cultural influences. The local architecture combines the traditions of the West and the East, the Ancient and the New World.

Be sure to visit the Belváros Temple and the mausoleum of Idris Baba, a miracle worker and preacher known among Muslims. Also, visit the Zsolnay Porcelain Factory, known for its unique handcrafted toys.

Open-air museums: 5 ancient cities in Europe

Traveling around open-air museum cities is very interesting and exciting. So take your tickets and go on a spring trip to old Europe.

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