No more bacteria: how to wash makeup brushes and sponges properly

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Over time, dirt, oil, makeup residue, and dead skin cells accumulate on makeup brushes and sponges. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, which can negatively affect your skin, causing inflammation, acne, blackheads, and other problems.

Therefore, makeup tools should be washed properly, thoroughly, and regularly. The Irish Examiner has told you how often you need to do this.

Whether you use your brushes and sponges daily or once a week, they need to be cleaned periodically.

How often should you clean your makeup brushes and sponges?

Brushes and sponges used to apply foundation, concealer, or contouring should be cleaned at least once a week. Eye makeup brushes should be washed twice a week, and other brushes and sponges that you don't use every day should be washed once a month.

Also, don't forget that new brushes that you just brought home from the store also need to be washed before you start using them.

How to clean your brushes properly

To deep clean your makeup brushes, fill a bowl with warm water and add a little brush cleaner or a gentle, unscented baby shampoo.

Then dip the brush into the water, swirl it around, and wipe off any residual makeup on the palm of your hand.

Never let the water get on the metal part of the brush, as this can weaken the glue that holds the bristles in place.

No more bacteria: how to wash makeup brushes and sponges properly

To finish, rinse the brushes under water until the water runs clear. Then, dry them with a towel so that the shape of the bristles is not deformed, and leave them to dry completely.

How to wash spatulas correctly

Just like with brushes, you need to put warm water in a bowl and dissolve a special product or shampoo in it. Rinse the sponges well, first in this solution, and then under the tap until clean water starts to flow.

Quick life hack

If you don't have the opportunity to wash your brushes or sponges thoroughly, you can get rid of bacteria using another method. To do this, you will need an antibacterial spray with isopropyl or surgical alcohol. Dilute it with a little water to avoid skin irritation and spray it on the brushes so that you can use them several times.

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