No hanging: how to store sweaters in the closet

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How to store sweaters properly. Source: Created with the help of AI

Proper storage is the key to keeping your warm winter sweaters looking good. Of course, you should also use a machine to remove pills, wash delicate items by hand, and take preventive measures against moths. But all of this will be counterproductive, and things will quickly lose their shape if you just put sweaters in drawers or, even worse, hang them on hangers.

Hanging knitted items is the main mistake that spoils winter clothes. Experts told us how to store sweaters properly.

Why sweaters should not be hung

If you have to temporarily hang up your sweater, it won't necessarily ruin your clothes overnight. However, there are some negative consequences that you should be aware of if you have a regular habit of hanging knitted items on hangers.

The most obvious consequence will be the appearance of bumps on the shoulders, especially if it is a thin material such as cashmere. You can fix the situation with a steamer or iron.

Also, the hanger will stretch the fabric, and the product may become deformed. The usual laws of physics apply here – the weight of the sweater will pull it down and the fibers will stretch.

How to fold a sweater

There is no single right or wrong way to fold a sweater or other garment, but there is always an easy and straightforward option. A simple technique will help you fold knitted items quickly and easily so that they do not lose their shape.

  1. Use a clean surface such as a made bed, dresser top, etc. to place the sweaters you want to fold. Lay the sweater face down with the back facing you. Smooth the material with your hands to remove any creases or wrinkles.
  2. Starting on one side of the sweater, fold it with the sleeve toward the center. When you reach the outside of the collar, smooth the entire piece so that the sleeve is parallel to the side. In other words, your wrist should be in line with the bottom of the sweater. Repeat this step with the other side so that the sweater is now half its original width.
  3. Fold the bottom half of the sweater away from you and toward the top. Depending on the size and where you plan to store it, you may need to fold the sweater in thirds rather than in half. Turn the sweater over and place it vertically on the shelf.

An alternative technique for folding a sweater

This method is only slightly different, but it may be easier to perform if you are trying to fold bulky knits. After completing the first step and smoothing the sweater on a flat surface, place both sleeves so that they are lying horizontally on top of each other. From here, follow the third step and fold the sweater in half before putting it away in the closet.

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