Never use toilet paper on an airplane: a flight attendant explained the reason why

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An experienced flight attendant revealed some dirty secrets

When traveling on an airplane, it's important to remember that many of our daily habits can cause significant damage. One of these habits is the use of toilet paper. An experienced flight attendant explained why toilet paper should not be used on an airplane.

According to Sierra Bridge, who runs a popular TikTok about the life of a flight attendant, airplane toilets are dirtier than regular toilets because during turbulence, all the contents are sprayed out of them and get on all the objects and furniture around. Consequently, the toilet paper next to the toilet is also very likely to be contaminated.

So instead of the usual roll, Sierra advises using paper towels during the flight. They are higher and better protected, which means they are definitely cleaner. In addition, they are made of better quality paper, which means they won't tear at the wrong time.

The stewardess also advised passengers to never go into the toilet barefoot. According to her, the liquid on the floor is unlikely to be ordinary water, so you definitely don't want to step into it with your feet. In addition, she complained about the cleaning services, which almost never do a general cleaning on the plane. So the floor in this room is likely to be very dirty.

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