Never do this: what makeup mistakes are guaranteed to add age

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How to wear makeup to look younger. Source: Created with the help of AI

Every woman strives to preserve her beauty and youthfulness, and makeup can be a loyal ally in this endeavor. With the right colors and application techniques, you can emphasize your facial features and hide minor imperfections.

However, in the pursuit of beauty, women often make unobvious but significant mistakes that add to their age. Beauty expert Hannah Betts talked about them in more detail for the Daily Mail.

The mask effect

The desire for flawless skin is understandable, but a thick layer of foundation and artificial contouring can emphasize wrinkles, dullness, and other imperfections.

Therefore, one of the most egregious mistakes, according to experts, is the "mask effect". This phenomenon is characterized by heavy makeup application that hides natural facial features and can dramatically add age. Therefore, it is worth using light and natural colors and textures.

Replace black eyeliner with brown, mix foundation with moisturizer for lighter coverage, and avoid bronzer. At first, you may think that your makeup will be insufficient, but in fact, it will look natural and light.

Matte finish

Adult women are often advised to avoid glitter in their makeup. However, young and healthy skin usually has a natural shine, so to look better, you should emphasize it.

Be sure to use SPF before applying foundation. Before it is fully absorbed, apply a light coverage and add volume to your face with a highlighter.

Never do this: what makeup mistakes are guaranteed to add age

Thin eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are back in fashion, but they are still not the best choice for those who are trying to look younger. With age, everyone's eyebrows start to become thinner and thinner, so if you don't want to add a few years to your age, don't pluck them too hard and fill in all the gaps between the hairs with an eyebrow pencil.

Outdated techniques

Classic standard makeup can be too boring, outdated, and reveal your age. To stay in trend and radiate confidence, you need to watch the youth, change and modify your makeup.

Don't shy away from experiments and research. Use new trends, brands, and techniques to keep your look bright and vibrant.

Cheap products

We have all noticed how much and how fast the prices for everything are growing, and cosmetics are no exception. But this is no reason to buy cheap and low-quality products that will have a bad effect on your skin.

You can always find more budget-friendly analogs to your usual products. Or start buying quality cosmetics but in smaller quantities.

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