Netflix has named the most popular films of late 2023: thrillers lead the way

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Netflix has named the most popular films of late 2023

The American streaming service Netflix has released data for the last fiscal quarter, naming the most popular films of recent months. It is interesting that thrillers are among the absolute leaders.

This was reported by Deadline. The first place in the ranking was taken by the movie "The Illusion of Safety" starring Julia Roberts. It has been viewed more than 130 million times, while the views of other films in the top 3 do not exceed 80 million.

The plot tells the story of a family vacationing in a house in the countryside for the weekend. However, everything does not go according to plan when the main characters notice interruptions in communication and the Internet. The owners of the private house unexpectedly return home, but the tenants are not going to leave after hearing the stories of their new friends. It turns out that there was a communication failure and a hacker attack, which marked the arrival of the real apocalypse.

The second-place award went to the movie "Rebel Moon." The movie tells the story of the old despot Balizarius, who caused an intergalactic war. An epic battle is taking place between the inhabitants of the galaxy - people from different planets have united to defeat evil.

The third place went to "The Killer" by David Fincher. The thriller depicts the story of an assassin who, after a fateful mistake, decides to confront not only his customers but also himself in pursuit of revenge.

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