Mykolaiv, unveiled: landmarks and tourist places

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Tourist spots in Mykolaiv

The port city, which once enjoyed a quiet and peaceful life before the full-scale invasion, has now served as a real shield for our homeland for almost two years. Under such conditions, few people remember that tourists used to come here. We believe that the shelling will end very soon, and Mykolaiv will be filled with visitors again. In the meantime, we would like to warn you to be as cautious as possible when traveling to the regional center and not to ignore air raid alerts. Read below to find out which locations are worth your attention.

Children's City "Fairy Tale"

This destination is a must for not only couples with children but for everyone. Locals fondly refer to this park as their "Disneyland," and it's hard to disagree with them. Within the entertainment center's premises, you will encounter famous fairy-tale characters, princess castles, cartoon characters' houses, a train, various swings, and a boat surrounded by water.

Even a simple stroll in the open air, sitting on a bench, and sipping a cup of coffee will suffice to appreciate the beauty of the place.

Mykolaiv, unveiled: landmarks and tourist places

Mykolaiv Astronomical Observatory

Established in 1821, this scientific institution is considered one of the oldest in southeastern Europe. Visiting on a tour would be a fortunate experience, but unfortunately, it's not that simple. You need to schedule an appointment several weeks or even months in advance because every resident and guest of Mykolaiv wishes to explore this place. Finding a free slot in the evening groups, where everyone wants to witness the starry sky through a telescope, is particularly challenging. If you plan to visit, contact the administration first and then organize your private tour.

Mykolaiv, unveiled: landmarks and tourist places

Mykolaiv Yacht Club

Tourists are fortunate as this location is open year-round, making it a must-visit. Its history traces back to 1889 when, on the initiative of scientist Volodymyr Riumin, historian Mykola Arkas, and an adjutant to the Black Sea Fleet Commander-in-Chief, a coastal area was allocated for the construction of a "ship's center."

Back then, this area was on the city's outskirts, but it's now not far from the center. Before the war, regular yachting competitions and a children's sports school operated here.

The club's main attractions include the Italian Renaissance building and the Turkish fountain, which should not be overlooked.

Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet

This is Ukraine's sole center dedicated to this specific subject. Every Mykolaiv visitor should explore this place. Even if you are passing through, set aside your tasks and head to this exhibition hall.

Housed in a historic building erected in 1794, designed by Neyolov himself, this building belonged to the chief commander of the Black Sea Fleet. The gallery boasts over three thousand exhibits, spanning from the times of Kyivan Rus, the Cossacks, to the present day. Here, you can delve into the detailed history of shipbuilding's evolution from ancient times to the present.

Mykolaiv, unveiled: landmarks and tourist places

Fleet Boulevard

A favorite evening stroll location for locals after a long day at work, this boulevard also captivates tourists with its beauty and architectural marvels. It features a staircase reminiscent of Odesa's Potemkin Stairs, and the Lion Fountain dedicated to Mykolaiv's founder, Mykhailo Faleev.

Mykolaiv, unveiled: landmarks and tourist places

Cathedral of the Kasperovska Icon of the Mother of God

Constructed in honor of the Virgin Mary icon, this shrine had the icon brought to the city in a procession from 1853 to 1918, left overnight in every church. Believed to have saved the locals during the Crimean War, a church was built to commemorate the "savior."

The pentagonal-shaped church is adorned with numerous carved details in the Old Russian style on its facades. The building features seven domes, serving as its main decoration.

Like other Ukrainian monasteries, the cathedral suffered destruction due to human actions. During the Bolsheviks' reign, who did not acknowledge religion and sought to suppress any manifestation of it, the sacred building was handed over to a shipyard. Before that, all icons and church property were removed and destroyed, with Party members stealing the most valuable items.

Fortunately, after Ukraine gained independence, reconstruction efforts began, restoring the bell tower and other elements to their authentic appearance.

Mykolaiv, unveiled: landmarks and tourist places

Mykolaiv Regional Museum of Local Lore

One of Ukraine's oldest exhibition centers, it housed major archaeological discoveries from all southern regions until the XIX century, but its current exposition focuses more on the city's history. Here, you can learn about the region's settlement, Mykolaiv's foundation, its cultural and spiritual life, and events during the First World War and the Soviet rule.

Mykolaiv is a region underrated by tourists. We hope this will change after our victory.

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