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How to make a candle from a mandarin

Even in times of war, it is important to create a festive atmosphere in your home. This year, Ukrainians will celebrate the New Year and Christmas season amid power outages.

But even in the absence of light, you can add a little coziness and comfort, for example, by decorating the room with tangerine candles made with your own hands. OBOZREVATEL has prepared detailed instructions (to watch the video, scroll down to the end of the news).

How to make a tangerine candle

You will need:

  • Tangerines (for the number of candles);
  • Thick thread;
  • Small candles;
  • Toothpicks or a thick needle;
  • A knife.

Take a tangerine and carefully cut off the top with a knife - just a little bit, a few centimeters. This will be a kind of "lid." Next, remove the inside of the tangerine. Regular toothpicks will help with this. Pull out each slice carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the peel.

Use a toothpick to pierce the tangerine along the edges.

Thread a thick thread through the hole and tie it on both sides. The candle base is ready.

Place a small candle inside the tangerine - you can buy it at any supermarket.

Light the candle and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The candle will not only be beautiful but also very fragrant - and what could be better than the combination of tangerine and pine needles?

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you that any other small vegetables and fruits that can be used to cut out a container - apples, potatoes, small beets, or sweet peppers - are suitable for making candles. For example, we showed how to make a candle from an orange.

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