Makeup artist voiced "fail-safe" spring beauty tips for all ages

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A makeup expert advises how to make a spring look both fashionable and attractive. Source: Created with the help of AI

Spring is a time when there is more light around us and, accordingly, you need to adapt your makeup to these conditions. But at the same time, you want to keep up with the latest makeup trends.

Popular makeup artist Trinny Woodall decided to help with this. According to Prevention magazine, she shared life hacks for spring makeup that will work at any age and make your look trendy at the same time.

Beautiful pink

Beauty bloggers call this makeup balletcore. It uses pink products everywhere, but at the same time, they create a delicate image of a face as if kissed by the sun. The colors for this look are soft, delicate, and feminine.

Choose not flashy shades, but whitened or dusty ones. Blend all products well. And do not try to use many shades of pink at once - stay within the same range, choosing only warm or only cold tones.

Blue eyeshadow

It was fashionable in the eighties to paint lips with pink lipstick and apply bright blue eyeshadow. Now the trend is coming back, but in a less bright version. Choose less flashy shades, give preference to colors that emphasize your eye color, and pay attention to pink colors of more natural tones.

"Sloppy" eyeliner

Not only the brightness of the eighties is coming back into fashion. The grunge style of the nineties, with its untidy dark and smoky eye makeup, is also back in trend. But this time, you can choose less gloomy colors. Give preference to natural shades of brown and gray. But don't try too hard to make the eyeliner even. Make the line on the eyelids smudged and even torn - this way you will create a fashionable effect of a slightly crying look.

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