Makeup artist reveals the secret of how to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes

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How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem. But it's not as bad as the fact that most concealers can't handle them. Even if it seems that you have finally managed to cover the purple or gray arcs under your eyes and hide the signs of fatigue, this effect is likely to be short-lived, and within a few hours your face will look tired again.

However, there is a solution! For some reason, only a small number of girls know about this beauty trick. While some complain that concealer doesn't work, others have long since added an eye concealer to their makeup bag. Professional makeup artist Holly Ellis told the editor of the Who What Wear platform about this miracle product.

Makeup artist reveals the secret of how to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes

What is an under-eye corrector?

According to Ellis, "an under-eye corrector is the secret to reducing dark and tired areas under the eyes." At first glance, the product looks exactly like a concealer, but the difference is quite big. The most basic one is that the concealer is applied before the concealer. It does not cover the dark area of the skin with a lighter tone, but neutralizes the shadows under the eyes and helps to hide any discoloration. The concealer itself can be green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, or white.

How is corrector different from a concealer?

As we've already mentioned, instead of hiding dark circles or spots, this product is designed to correct them. "Correctors are different because they help eliminate discoloration and never have a shade that matches your skin tone, unlike concealer," the makeup artist explained.

Makeup artist reveals the secret of how to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes

How to apply a corrector under the eyes?

Interestingly, corrector works only in tandem with an additional product - a foundation or concealer. However, as we mentioned above, it should be applied first. "After the correction, you will see that you need a very small amount of concealer to restore your natural skin tone... Depending on the formula, you can apply the product with your fingers or a small brush," Holly Ellis said.

How to choose the right shade?

You may have already learned that correctors come in completely different colors. That is, when choosing a corrector, you focus on your skin tone and choose the shade of the product that is closest to it, in the case of a concealer, you should focus on its purpose. For example, an orange corrector is the best option for masking under-eye circles, especially those with a dark, bluish tint. A small amount of corrector will make tired and grayed skin look healthier.

Makeup artist reveals the secret of how to quickly get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Meanwhile, green is the opposite of red, and therefore is perfect for neutralizing red spots on the skin. By the way, it can be used in a duet with an orange "colleague" to hide all the veins under the eyes. The yellow concealer will give tired skin a glow and a warmer shade, and the purple concealer is suitable for neutralizing unwanted yellow skin tones.

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