Love turns the brain to mush: scientists finally understand why it happens

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Scientists' research on love

People in love do strange things that can negatively affect their lives. But they don't realize it, because they are driven by the powerful force of love at that moment.

The period in a relationship when a couple can't take their eyes off each other is the most difficult, and it's when you can't make important financial or career decisions. IFL.Science has published a study by scientists on this issue.

Love first appeared about five million years ago. The ancient Greeks philosophized a lot about this feeling. But despite this long history, we still know little about the evolution of romance and love.

Scientists conducted a study where they interviewed 1556 young people who said they were in love. The goal was to assess the respondents' feelings and behavior toward their partner.

The second stage involved 812 participants who claimed to have been in love for no more than two years. The results confirmed what many people had experienced in romantic relationships, that the brain worked differently, and thoughts and actions, albeit temporarily, revolved only around the partner.

Scientists say that this state occurs under the influence of hormones. When a person communicates with someone he or she likes, oxytocin circulates through the nervous system and bloodstream, and it is considered a hormone of loyalty and attachment. At this time, the brain releases dopamine, which affects well-being, energy, and motivation. In combination, these two hormones "cloud" our brains.

That's why unexpected actions and sometimes incomprehensible thoughts arise due to oxytocin and dopamine.

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