It became known how many aircraft were at the Engels airfield the day before the drone attack. Satellite photos

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Russian aircraft at the airfield in Engels
Russian aircraft at the airfield in Engels

Before the drone attack on the morning of March 20, 11 enemy aircraft were stationed at a Russian airfield near the city of Engels (Saratov region). Among them, there were nine bombers: six Tu-95s (one of which was inoperable) and three Tu-160s.

This is confirmed by satellite photos of the object. This number of aircraft was recorded on the territory of the airfield on March 19, 2024, Schemes reports.

The airfield near Engels on March 19, 2024
Aircraft at a strategic airfield of Russian troops

The explosions at the enemy's strategic airfield occurred at around 5:36 am on March 20. According to the official version of the aggressor country, the attack was carried out using four drones, all of which were allegedly shot down.

OBOZ.UA's intelligence sources said that the special operation was conducted by the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine using domestic UAVs. The distance from our country to the Russian city of Engels is over 600 kilometers.

Russian media reported that three of the four downed drones fell on the territory of Engels 1.

It is known that enemy strategic bombers from Engels 1 have repeatedly participated in the shelling of Ukraine.

Engels (RF) on the map

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