Is Kazakhstan next? An audio recording of another possible victim of Putin was leaked online

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Russia may be preparing to attack Kazakhstan in the future. Source: Ukrainian view

Russia may be considering Kazakhstan as its next victim. It is with this country that the Kremlin may start another war after the end of the war with Ukraine or even in parallel with the fighting on Ukrainian soil.

The Kremlin has allegedly already made the decision. At least, this was stated by Russian State Duma deputy Andrei Gurulov, and an audio recording with his voice was probably published by the Russian edition of the VChK-OGPU.

Is Kazakhstan next? An audio recording of another possible victim of Putin was leaked online

"The VChK-OGPU has a voice message that Russian State Duma deputy Lieutenant General Andrey Gurulov sent to his colleagues from the State Duma Defense Committee. In it, he assures that after Ukraine, Russia may attack Kazakhstan and there is already a corresponding "excuse," the publication explained the origin of the recording.

In the published audio, a man with a voice similar to that of the odious Russian deputy discusses how much Kazakhstan fears war with Russia – and, he adds, they are right to fear it.

"The Kazakhs, having seen Ukraine, are very much f*cked that they are next. Just f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. But they will be next. They're f*cking around now. In principle, I think there is already a solution," the man said in the audio.

Earlier, back in the spring of 2023, Russian State Duma deputy Gurulov called for the bombing of the Belgorod region. He also dreamed of a nuclear strike in Zaporizhzhia, called for the physical elimination of those who disagreed with the war against Ukraine, and put forward a number of other equally "binding" initiatives, including the "revival of the Gulag."

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