Is it possible to charge the iPhone not to the end and how to get a few percent "for free"

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There is one thing you need to know about

There's nothing "criminal" about not charging your iPhone fully. However, this affects the duration of its operation, and if it is fully charged, you can get some extra time to watch videos or surf social networks.

This is reported by the Itech portal. It is noted that a number of users deliberately do not charge their iPhones fully. They also do not discharge it to the end, adhering to two values: 80% - maximum and 20% - minimum, believing that in this range, the smartphone battery is subjected to minimal stress and wears out more slowly.

To understand how to properly charge an iPhone, the author of this article studied this issue in detail, observing the smartphone at different levels of charge.

Charging to 80% won't damage your iPhone

Charging the device from 20% to 80%

Users were quick to reassure them that there is nothing harmful in charging the iPhone within these limits, and the gadget manufacturers took into account the fact that those who buy iPhones will charge them anyway.

At the same time, the author drew attention to the fact that charging a smartphone not to the end (as well as discharging it), you do not get a certain battery life.

"For example, you charge your iPhone only 80%. So, out of the 10 hours of battery life that an average Apple smartphone can give you, you actually get only 8, because it's just undercharged by 20%," he explained.

Also referring to his personal experience, the author noted that a not fully charged battery starts to drain very quickly.

If you charge your iPhone to 97-98% and unplug it, it will start draining immediately. And if you charge it to 100%, it will take some time before this process starts. That is, you are using it, so to speak, for free," the article says.

The author also suggested that the gadget has a mechanism built into it that allows it to "slow down" battery discharge when the battery is fully charged.

If you don't charge your iPhone fully, you risk losing several hours of performance

"For example, I have time to watch a handful of fairly long YouTube videos lasting 10-15 minutes each. Only then does the charge drop to 99%. This happens on all my Apple devices," the portal representative said.

He noted that charging the iPhone battery is not completely safe, but not economical. "No matter how you charge the iPhone, it is still designed for 500 recharge cycles," the author said.

Smartphone owners were urged not to "worry" and not to cheat physics, but to follow the full charging cycle, guaranteeing themselves additional hours of smartphone operation.

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