In Ukraine, they are ready to pay from 40 thousand for work at home: what are the vacancies

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They are ready to pay from 40 thousand for working from home
Employers are willing to pay from 40 thousand for working from home. Source: Pixabay

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. And there's a reason for that – some employers are willing to pay their employees more than UAH 40 thousand for working from home.

For example, on a popular job search site, you can find vacancies for a mineral fertilizer sales manager. They promise to pay from 15 to 40 thousand UAH and provide training. "You will be actively looking for potential customers, conducting product presentations, and concluding contracts with them," the ad says.

An IT company is looking for a marketing specialist with a salary of UAH 40-45 thousand and at least 1 year of experience in a similar position. Responsibilities include developing marketing strategies and preparing marketing materials (articles, publications, presentations, etc.).

A company that organizes corporate events is looking for a chat operator. The job will require night work, and the company promises to pay UAH 20-70 thousand. Among the mandatory requirements is a high level of English, at least B1.

A product aggregator is looking for a financier/accountant for a salary of UAH 45-60 thousand. The responsibilities include "maintaining accounting and tax records of several legal entities under the general taxation system."

Specialists without higher education are ready to be paid 50 thousand

At the same time, it is possible to earn good money without a university degree, in particular, by working in a laborer's specialty. For example, in Kyiv, employers are willing to pay such specialists from 30 to 50 thousand UAH.

In particular, an average of 50 thousand is offered to tinters. At the same time, employers, according to a major HR portal, refuse to hire people without experience – they require at least one year of experience.

Gluers are willing to pay an average of UAH 40 thousand. Car mechanics – 39 thousand.

Representatives of several working professions can expect to earn an average of 30 to 35 thousand UAH in Kyiv. These are, in particular

  • polishers – UAH 35 thousand
  • ventilation installers – UAH 34 thousand;
  • excavators, high-rise workers – UAH 32.5 thousand;
  • heat engineers, upholsterers, furniture assemblers – UAH 30 thousand.

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