In Ukraine, Christmas is now celebrated on a new date

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January 7 will no longer be a holiday or a day off in Ukraine

This year, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has officially adopted the New Julian calendar, which shifted the dates of all holidays back by 13 days. Consequently, the dates of holidays now align with those of Western Christian denominations, such as Catholics and Protestants. As a result, the celebration of Christmas, one of the most significant holidays, has also changed.

OBOZ.UA provides information on when Ukrainians will now celebrate Christmas and the implications for the previous date.

When will Ukraine celebrate Christmas in 2023?

According to the New Julian Church calendar, which came into effect for the Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches of Ukraine on September 1, the date for celebrating Christmas is December 25. As a result, believers will participate in the festive service on this date.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Christmas Eve will also shift to a new date. Traditionally, the meal featuring 12 meatless dishes will now be observed on December 24 instead of January 6, which was the case according to the old calendar.

What will happen on January 7?

In the past, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine attempted to celebrate Christmas in December, while January 7 remained a holiday according to the Julian calendar, leading to dual celebrations. Since 2017, both dates were officially recognized as holidays in Ukraine.

However, in July, when the church officially adopted the New Julian calendar, the Ukrainian government also changed the holiday dates. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed a resolution designating December 25 as the sole date for celebrating Christmas in the country, with it once again becoming a national day off after martial law ends. January 7 will be a regular working day.

How will Easter be celebrated now?

The method for determining the date of Easter will remain the same in the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. In 2024, Ukraine will observe the Resurrection of Christ on May 5. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church follows the Gregorian calendar and celebrates Easter on March 31.

The dates of other Easter cycle holidays, such as Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Trinity, will also differ between Eastern and Western Christian denominations. Furthermore, the beginning of Lent will occur on different dates, and Shrove Tuesday will be celebrated. In 2024, Orthodox fasting will commence on March 18.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA shared information about the celebration of St. Nicholas Day in 2023, which is the first holiday in the Christmas and New Year cycle.

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