In the grip of both heart and mind: three days in June may be decisive for all zodiac signs

Venus in Gemini brings somewhat ambiguous, but very interesting and inspiring changes. Source: Created with the help of AI

From the astrological point of view, Venus is responsible for everything good in our lives: love, communication, beauty, money. And now it's time for it to be more spontaneous because from May 23 to June 17, the planet is in the constellation Gemini.

Astrologers say that this position of Venus will give us the opportunity to stimulate our own feelings and also to speak freely about our desires and emotions to others, especially those we are trying to impress.

What does Venus in Gemini mean?

Venus leads us with our hearts, and Gemini leads us with our minds. When they combine, it's time for intellectual people and a new and exciting way of looking at love. Venus in Gemini loves variety and challenges. This planetary position makes us more inclined to engage in enthusiastic conversations with loved ones and discuss the facts of life as a way of flirting. The purpose of Venus in Gemini is to teach us to understand others on a deep level. If this means immediately penetrating the very essence of a person, then so be it.

Gemini is a fickle air sign that is extremely relationship-oriented. After all, they are always looking for stimulation for the mind and new interests. Venus in Gemini awakens a desire for communication, especially with people of different views and beliefs. During this period, we realize that diversity is the best spice in life, and this idea can be applied to relationships. Venus in Gemini makes us gravitate towards people who make us think.

The caveat to the optimistic energy of this planetary position is that it is quite dual. Gemini is known for its ability to deceive. This means that there are two sides to their intentions. Contrary to popular belief, Venus in Gemini does not intentionally provoke lies, but each of us plays by our own rules, which can be different from day to day. Venus and Gemini can be mercurial, so different sides of the personality will take turns coming to the fore.

Communication is vital for the Venus in Gemini period, which means we can expect endless communication, especially with those we love. Enjoy yourself and don't hesitate to express your sexual desires out loud. Venus in Gemini loves dirty talk and teaches you to understand your partner's quirks.

When it comes to finances, Venus in Gemini is not frugal. This transit encourages us to spend on whims without thinking about the future and not save money for a rainy day. We begin to desire what is right in front of us, and become impatient. Instead, we may abandon long-term plans that require us to switch to a certain level of savings. Our impulsiveness leads us to make rash purchases.

In general, this is a time when we should not focus on obligations to others. Instead, it's better to spend your energy having fun, flirting, and celebrating life. Going on as many dates as possible with different people will allow us to understand who and what we like. In the process, we will find ourselves.

Important astrological dates

June 4. Venus is in sextile with the north node of fate, which makes this a crucial time. On this day, you can ask for a raise or ask your love interest out on a date. Those who enter your life on this day will be crucial to your future.

June 4. Venus conjuncts the Sun, creating the Venus star point and the "cazimi" aspect (the heart of the Sun). This is a magical day for love and money. Set your goals around these two aspects by telling the universe about your hopes and dreams.

June 8. Venus is in a square with Saturn, making us feel stuck in our ways. Don't worry, changes are coming soon.

June 16. Venus is in a tense aspect with Neptune, intensifying our fantasies and making our dreams seem unrealistic. Try to prove your feelings to the person to whom they are directed.

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