In search of sunshine: top 5 destinations to visit in winter

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Which countries are warm in winter

For most people, winter and snow are necessary for a festive mood on the eve of Christmas and the New Year. But as soon as January arrives, you suddenly want spring, or better yet, summer. Blizzards, white blankets of snow, gray clouds and gusty winds quickly get boring. Few people enjoy such weather conditions.

If you're tired of gloomy and cold days, it's time to recharge your batteries with bright emotions. After all, the warmth will not come to us soon. So read on to know where to go.

Cape Verde

The safest country in Africa, where African and European flavors are closely intertwined. The republic is located in the Atlantic Ocean and has a second name, which is better known among tourists as the Cape Verde Islands. People come here to get away from civilization, completely reboot their brains and gain strength for the next trip.

The first thing to do is to enjoy a beach vacation and get a good tan. In winter, the air temperature here does not drop below 25 degrees Celsius. So it's easy to have a tan. When you are on the coast, be sure to pay attention to the picturesque views. Especially the mighty yellow cliffs that gently envelop the azure blue waters.

By the way, the state owns 10 large and 8 small islands. Therefore, we advise you not only to bask in the sand but also to appreciate the local attractions. Of course, it is worth visiting the country's capital, Praia. It is not only the center of the entire republic but also the heart of African festivals. We recommend taking a stroll through Alejandro de Albuquerque Square, which has many colonial-style houses. Next, go to the Ethnographic Museum and the Old Town, where the Fortress of St. Peter, the first European building on the archipelago, stands.

In search of sunshine: top 5 destinations to visit in winter

Valletta, Malta

In winter, this region boasts warmth and sunshine. On average, the thermometer consistently shows 20 degrees above zero. Of course, there are days when the wind picks up and the rain spoils all the fun, but there is plenty to do even in such conditions.

When the weather is capricious, go on excursions. Moreover, you should definitely see the local architectural masterpieces.

Do you remember the Knights of Malta, which we learned about in world history class? So, here is the Cathedral of St. John, which was built by the defenders we already know. At that time, the shrine was a stronghold of faith and hope for Catholics from all over Europe. The chapel houses many ancient icons, marble tombstones, and outstanding paintings. Moreover, even the walls are gilded. That's why it's a must-see.

In search of sunshine: top 5 destinations to visit in winter

Madeira, Portugal

Another city where it is relatively warm and comfortable. You shouldn't count on getting a tan because the average temperature in this area ranges from 15 to 17 degrees above zero. But you must admit that such conditions are much more pleasant than our cold weather. Therefore, even if you will definitely not need sunscreen, you should bring sunglasses with you.

What I would like to say is that this is an island that is not very close to the territory of the country: 900 kilometers from the continent. So you need to get here with transfers. Before heading to Madeira, we recommend staying in Lisbon for a few days. The climate here is the same, by the way.

What to see on the island itself? Start your exploration with the Sao Tiago fortress, which once protected the locals from pirate raids. The outpost was built back in 1614 but is well preserved to this day. Today, within the walls of the castle, you can not only admire the ancient obelisks but also have a delicious lunch in a restaurant and even visit the museum of contemporary art.

Next, head to the suburbs, to Monte. It is located on a high hill, so it is advisable to use the funicular, which runs here all the time. By the way, although it never snows here, a traditional pastime for the locals is to ride a wicker sled down the mountain. Be sure to try it, you'll love it.

In search of sunshine: top 5 destinations to visit in winter

Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Another resort worth visiting in winter. At this time of year, the thermometer does not drop below 16 degrees. So you will definitely forget about our Ukrainian frosts here. You will hardly be able to sunbathe, but you will definitely enjoy the warm weather and local scenery.

First of all, we advise you to go to the archaeological site, the Greek Theater. It used to rise high into the sky and accommodate up to 16,000 people. A wide variety of plays and performances were performed here. Nowadays, only ruins remain of the building, but every tourist should see this gem.

Next, head to the central Duomo Square. There are small fragments of ancient buildings here: a wall and a cathedral. Not far from this location, if you go north, is the Senate Palace. The building is not new. It was built by order of Juan Vermexio in 1629. Of course, don't miss the Paolo Orsi Regional Museum of Archaeology, the Byzantine-era mikvah, the Church of Santa Lucia al Sepolcro, and the catacombs of St. John.

In search of sunshine: top 5 destinations to visit in winter

Malaga, Spain

Another great place to visit during your winter vacation. Usually, during this period, comfortable weather prevails here. The air temperature warms up to 16-20 degrees above zero. It's not hot, but after our cold weather, it seems very, very warm.

First of all, go to the Gibralfaro Castle, a magnificent building dating back to the 14th century. Next, go up to the Paradise Terrace. It is from here that you can see the beautiful panorama of the city. Take a look at the Cathedral of the Incarnation, the most important religious building that was built on the site of the country's largest mosque. The shrine was built over a long period of time, so it is impossible to clearly attribute it to any architectural style.

Be sure to visit the defensive outposts of Alcabaza and Gibralfaro. And don't forget about the Roman amphitheater, which is perfectly preserved to this day.

In search of sunshine: top 5 destinations to visit in winter

It is possible to escape from winter. We've shared with you just a few of the destinations worth going to during this period. So buy tickets, pack your bags, and go for a dose of vitamin D.

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