In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs

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The most atmospheric cities in Europe

The scent of Christmas is already in the air. The streets are decorated with twinkling lights and lanterns, and Christmas trees are set up in the main squares, which compete with each other every year. The aromas of citrus, tart ginger, and oriental spices can be heard from every corner. The central squares turn into beehives, with people and street musicians buzzing around. Everyone is in anticipation of the holiday.

During this period, you want to succumb to New Year's fever, warm yourself with mulled wine, eat honey cookies and be in the epicenter of events. If you want to plunge into this atmosphere, go to European cities. We will tell you to which exactly!

In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs


The most favorite place for lovers at this time turns into a fairy-tale location. Festive illuminations light up every avenue and alley. Wherever you turn, you will be greeted by thousands of lights and decorations. In winter, on Christmas Eve, don't miss the Champs Elysees. It's so magical here that for the first few hours you can't believe that everything is happening in reality and not in a dream.

Of course, there are many festivals here. But there are some that cannot be ignored. These are the famous fair near the Eiffel Tower, La Defense and Abbesses Montmartre.

We recommend trying a cocktail made from champagne and blackcurrant liqueur and tasting roasted chestnuts.

In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs


The medieval Belgian city is simply unrecognizable in winter. Strict Gothic buildings are transformed into cheerful and playful structures that twinkle with hundreds of lights. Europeans love to come here for Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Here you can find not only traditional tents with delicacies but also amusement rides and a unique ice rink on a floating pontoon. There is a lot of entertainment, so you will definitely enjoy it.

Be sure to try craft beer with salty snacks, and the famous waffles and hot chocolate for sweets.

In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs


Did you know that Germany is considered the birthplace of fairs? It was here that the first festive market was held in the XIV century, which was so popular with the locals that it was decided to organize it annually. The oldest Christmas market still operates here.

Winter in this region is fabulous and unusual. Organ music sounds in the local cathedrals, a nativity scene walks the streets and entertains passers-by, and an exhibition of old market stalls is held in the Town Hall. There's also a carriage that runs around, which, of course, you can ride.

Be sure to try the rum punch, plum men, local sausages, and lebkuchen, a Nuremberg gingerbread.

In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs


Not so long ago almost no one had heard of this Romanian city, but everything changed this year. For the first time, it made it to the top of the best Christmas markets in Europe. It was noticed thanks to an unusual light show and a program that is aimed not only at young people but also at the elderly.

The local authorities did everything to tempt tourists. And they succeeded. More than 2 million lanterns illuminate the center. Architectural monuments and buildings are connected by flickering illumination, which is not only beautiful but also incredibly convenient. You can follow the lights, which will certainly lead to no less fascinating locations.

By the way, the current theme of the fair is the story of the Snow Queen, so there are story installations in white and turquoise colors everywhere.

In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs


If you don't feel like traveling far, you can go to our neighbor. The Polish holiday market wins in online polls every year. Many Europeans head here, sincerely believing that the spirit of Christmas here is felt the most.

This year, in addition to traditional delicacies and drinks, the market is planning to organize many master classes. The cultural program promises to be rich. The local authorities assure that guests will be able to enjoy various events with surprises, Christmas karaoke, and performances by stars and bands.

This winter, a huge Advent calendar is set to be opened here every day. We are sure that it is a must-see event.

In search of holiday cheer: Europe's top Christmas fairs


For over 25 years, the UK's Christmas capital has hosted the largest festive market. This year, 225 stalls have already opened, selling all kinds of delicacies, delicious drinks, and handmade products made of wood, stone, soap and wax.

In addition to the tents where you can buy souvenirs and jewelry, there is also an indoor skating rink. There is also a Trail of Lights, which flickers with colorful spots. Selfie lovers will definitely enjoy it.

The location is very large, so we recommend buying a map. It is sold at the entrance to the fair.

Don't expect the festive mood to fall like snow on your head, but rather create it yourself. While the locations are still open, take tickets and go to Europe to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

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