"I'm home!" A little girl waited for her border guard father. A touching video

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The defender returned from the front and met his daughter

After a long separation due to the war, the border guard finally met his daughter Stefania and his wife. The touching footage of the meeting touched many netizens.

The video of the meeting was published by the State Border Guard Service. The soldier gave his daughter a bouquet of flowers and asked her if she recognized her dad after a long separation.

Their families, relatives and friends are always waiting for their heroes to return from the front. And the moment of meeting causes incredible joy for everyone.

Thus, little Stefania and her mother were looking forward to the return of their defender and finally heard the cherished words at the door of their apartment: "I'm home!".

OBOZ.UA also previously published touching footage of a meeting with the family of a Ukrainian border guard named Denys. The man returned from the front line and immediately fell into the warm embrace of all family members.

Earlier, netizens were touched by a video in which the Ukrainian defender met with his young son. The little boy was immediately happy and smiled at his dad.

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