How will May end for each sign: horoscope

Horoscope for the end of May. Source: Created with the help of AI

The last days of May are coming to an end. A busy summer is ahead, full of vivid emotions and discoveries. Astrologers say that the end of spring will bring important events and realizations to some signs.

According to the forecast, Mercury, which is still in stubborn Taurus, will make a sextile to Saturn on May 27. This is a time to make sensible decisions and not be overly emotional. The meeting of Uranus and Mercury on March 31 will bring deep transformation and inspiration.


In order to achieve your financial goals, you'll have to figure out the cause of your fears. Mercury's conjunction with Saturn on May 27 will encourage you to make important decisions. The focus should be on financial strategies, careful approaches to cost control, and building a financial cushion.


You will have to rethink the value of communication. You may have to say goodbye to certain people who have already played a role in your life. Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 27th, giving you the courage to say no to invitations to the world that you would normally say yes to because of obligations. Then, on the 31st, Mercury and Uranus conjunct in your sign, bringing lightning-fast inspiration for self-expression.


As you get rid of your fears and find inner peace, you'll realize that you need to develop clearer boundaries in your professional life. Mercury conjuncts Saturn on May 27, creating a favorable aspect for delegating several tasks. And on the 31st, you may experience flashes of inspiration, so pay attention to your creativity.


The goals you set for yourself are lofty, but not impossible. The last week of May will be dedicated to finding mentorship. Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 27th, a favorable aspect for learning, research, and travel.


To achieve your current professional goals, you'll have to step back and accept the support of a partner or family member. Or perhaps things will start to move in the opposite direction and you will take on more responsibilities so that your partner can rest. On May 31, Mercury's conjunction with Uranus will bring good (but unexpected) news about work.


You devote all your free time to work, but you really want to be close. It's time for sincere conversations with your partner. Single Virgos may meet their destiny in an unexpected place. Mercury conjuncts Saturn on the 27th, creating a favorable aspect for education, research, and deep conversations.


To overcome your fears, resolve debts, and create true intimacy, you'll have to work hard every day to achieve your goals. The transit of Saturn and Mercury will help you think clearly and prioritize your responsibilities. It's time to delegate. On the 31st, a Mercury-Uranus conjunction will encourage you to develop entrepreneurial ideas.


Astrologers advise you to stop constantly worrying about losing something. Mercury sextile Saturn encourages you to make plans, travel, and take calculated risks. During this period, you will receive an exciting offer of cooperation. This is not about limiting yourself, but about demonstrating a certain maturity and restraint.


You're tired of following routines. You want to take a break from your daily routine. Mercury in sextile with Saturn is an aspect that encourages you to improve your personal space. Then, on the 31st, Mercury will meet Uranus, and you'll unexpectedly make a new friend who will support all your endeavors.


The stars advise you to think less about a long-term plan and more about everyday joy. You should pay attention to health problems. Unexpected twists and turns are possible in your personal life.


You will invest in home comfort. It's time to update the renovation. Mercury is in sextile with Saturn on the 27th, an aspect that supports allocating funds to something you enjoy. Then on May 31, Mercury will meet Uranus, encouraging you to start a new chapter in your life.


Finding a schedule and routine that works for you is not an easy process. It's important to keep your body healthy. On May 31, Mercury conjuncts Uranus, paving the way for experimentation, dating, and outdoor activities.

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